You are Gifted.

When you work with your Gifts, everything is easy!

Money flows to you.  People value and trust you. Your creativity blossoms.

Working with your Gifts, you become a Creative Conduit – a channel for great ideas, meaningful impact, and a joyful lifestyle.

Your contributions make a big difference for people, and you feel great.

If you feel unfulfilled, stuck, or like you haven’t found your place,

You are likely working against your Gifts.

The first step is knowing what your Gifts are!

Find out what your Soul Gift is Now!

Work With Me

I specialize in helping gifted creative people bridge the worlds of business and spiritual fulfillment, so they can have the best of both worlds.

In a nutshell, I can help you:

Know your Gifts,
Structure your life and business around your Gifts
Tap into your source of unlimited innovation and abundance.

Recent Articles

I need your help to make this thing

So many people are encouraging me to create a program to serve the super-sensitive gifted Dragon Kids - the Soul Gifted Kids that we know need our help to grow up to be leaders and innovators as is their destiny. Because of all this support, I’m going for it!  With...

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Community Responses on Dragon Kids

I sent out an email a few days ago on the topic of our sensitive gifted kids, and invited responses… The community responded!  And here’s some of the collective wisdom on the topic, all of which is going into creating the program for the Dragon Kids and their parents,...

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Dragon Kids

Not sure if you saw my blog post the other day, that told the story about the kid in the park (check that out here).  But since then, I’ve had over 50 passionate responses about it from people all over the world.  And I’m obsessed - in a really good way - and ready to...

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