tethered-visionThere’s a saying in business…

“Visions come a dime a dozen.”

Now, I identify myself as a Visionary – a Visionkeeper – a Seer, so I’ve never particularly liked this saying. 😉

But I must say, it rings true.  And here’s why.

A vision is a fantasy until action makes it real.  

Now I’m going to say something that makes me cringe, because it’s a truth, but also a challenge to every one of us visionaries…

A Visionary who spouts off visions and ideals without embodying them is just another noisy hypocrite.

I gotta say, though.  I agree. Ack.

And, it follows –  a business owner who doesn’t embody what they teach is never going to feel fulfilled.


So here’s my challenge (to you and to myself!):

Embody your Vision  – or get off the microphone!

Don’t bother starting a fab business as a teacher, speaker, or “thought leader” until you are really truly embodying what you teach (at least most the time)!

Of course we don’t have to be perfect to be teachers.  No one is perfect.

But we do have to be actively trying to walk our talk –  in order to be a real leader.


This is why, in my Soul Gift Business School, we begin with setting Vision (who doesn’t, right?) but we do it from the Soul up!

We establish this vision from our Soul’s Gifts, from our Soul’s perspective.  Like… what is so important that my soul bothered to embody on this planet?  What do I really want to give while I’m here?  What would I die for?  What do I live for?

Because my 12-Week Business Training is not for people who just want to make widgets and make a buck.  It’s for spiritually inspired smart folk who want to do what their soul came here to do – and to make good money doing it!


Are you that type of Soul inspired entrepreneur?  Tell me about your Soul’s purpose and vision, and how you’re bringin’ it through your inspired business!