Business Strategy

Options to Work with Mellissa on Business Strategy:

Private Sessions:

Business VIP Half-day Session – In 3 hours, Mellissa will reveal to you your deepest Gifts, your Life Purpose, and your best business expertise/niche. She will clear your blocks to success (a profound experience), and then help you lay out your priorities and next steps of business strategy.  This is a life changer and business-saver. $2100

Nail The Niche Session – A great niche effortlessly attracts your ideal clients to work with you the first time.  It doesn’t limit you.  It makes it so that ALL people can understand and value your work when you describe what you do.   This is a one-hour intensive session for $950.   For most people, it saves years of wasted time hammering away at the wrong business, and tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  Register here.

Business Coaching – Session or Packages – No matter where you are in your business development, Mellissa can advise you as to next best steps, based on her intuitive knowing as well as her Stanford-trained acumen and business lawyer mind.  A session with Mellissa provides more clarity on all dimensions and levels, including the pragmatic genius strategy level.  Single session is $950.  Package of 3 Sessions for $1850 (saves $1000).  Package of 5 Sessions for $2950 (saves $1800). Email us to learn more.


Online Programs

Soul Gift Business School – A 6-month video-based online program that guides you through the steps to choose the right business for you, find your best niche and offering, discover the best magnetic words that draw your ideal clients, sell without feeling slimy, and create a sustainable biz that doesn’t burn you out.  Registration opens soon. Email us to get on the wait list.

Charge What You’re Worth in 7 days – A short online intensive to help you raise your rates appropriately, to make more money immediately.  This is an ideal choice for those who need immediate help “affording” more intensive work with Mellissa. Email us to learn more.

Make Money with Your Soul Gift e-course – For those who’ve discovered their Soul Gift, and are ready to make good money with it, this is an effective e-course with Mellissa Seaman.  Understand your gifted purpose, clear your blocks to receiving easy money, and activate your gift for abundance!  This little course has whopper results! $450. Register here.

If you can’t afford to pay for sessions or programs with Mellissa, we can offer you a free ticket to a wonderful in-person marketing training weekend with Thrive Academy in California.  You will learn the basics you need to grow your business to a point where you can afford to work with Mellissa if you want to. They love our people, so they will give you a scholarship if you apply and mention us… Click here to register with Thrive Academy for the Client Attraction Summit.