Profound Clearing Session  – People describe these sessions and the resultant reports as technicolor journeys into their own souls, along with an undeniable lightness and freedom that affects life immediately. Mellissa has been giving these sessions for over 15 years with a 98% reported success rate. The effect is to clear your blocks, self-sabotage and old patterns that mysteriously keep holding you back in life.  You receive a full written emailed report of the messages, visions, and healing that Mellissa retrieves for you in a sacred journey.  You get a jaw-dropping written report that will leave you saying “Whoa, she got me.” You will finally feel clear and free of your deep blocks.

At this time, this profound distance clearing experience is only $500.  Register here.

Working with Mellissa brought enormous shifts, and I was able to let go of pain that I had been carrying around for years.


How can I explain? How epically awesome Mellissa is. How she relieved me of spiritual burdens that have freed me for eternity. How she is incredibly powerful and loving. And how radically different I feel.


You were so right on with everything I just didn’t need to say anything. The boot being lifted off my me had immediate effects. My money situation changed immediately. The very next morning I had an extra $2200.00 in my bank. I knew you were amazing and I knew this is what I needed and it would work miracles but it way above my already high expectations. I can’t thank you enough. I am still feeling the change and it is continuing now that you have cleared me.