Creating is a sexual act.

I mean, no matter what we’re creating, it begins with the injection of a great a-ha from the big daddy – from inspiration itself.  “This idea just came into me!”  The best ideas seem as if they’ve arrived from the ethers, landing passionately in our minds, suddenly ecstatic with the “Eureka!  I’ve found it!” moment.  

I call this genius. And it only arrives when we are receptive.  Relaxed.  Open.  Like in the shower.  

(Did you know that In a 2014 conducted by Kaufman, 72% of respondents around the world reported having some kind of new insight in the shower?)

And then the journey of incarnation continues… with the genius idea landing in the mind, becoming a vision, being eventually expressed through the throat to someone else.  And if the idea is to become reality, it must touch the heart, triggering some passion or connection.  Because unless we genuinely CARE about the idea, we are way too busy to incubate it, and birth it in the world.

If we care enough, though, we can’t help but want to turn this idea into real results in the real world.  And that requires strategy and collaboration.  It always requires a plan.  It usually requires a team.  And eventually, when the timing is right, and the way is prepared, we BIRTH the idea into the world.

I say BIRTH because it often involves a frustrating lengthy labor period, full of ups and downs and challenges and that moment of “I can’t!” and finally, the surrendered yet courageous moment of devotion when we do whatever it takes to make it happen.  We release our treasured idea into the big wide world – as a business, a project, or a creation.  And we can’t control it fully from there.  We have to see how it is received.  We get to test and try and wait and see.  We have to set it free from our micromanagement if it is to mature and find its own way. (kinda like our kids, eh?)

Oh yes.  When your business is borne of your genius, it requires a cohesive journey of creation.  It means you care.  It means the whole process is magical, inspired, and more dramatic than if you were just building widgets for a buck.  This is the difference when you are Channeling Your Genius.

It’s a sex act.  It is borne of your openness to divine inspiration.  It is incubated in the deep passionate caring of your heart’s devotion.  It is made real by your willingness to strategize and create in the real world.  Messy.  Heart-wrenching.  Beautiful.

Channeling your Genius is Sexy.  In all the best ways.

And if you want to learn how to CREATE in this world, it’s the Mother you want to be listening to… she knows how to receive, how to incubate, and how to BIRTH. Feminine Genius. I’ve got plenty to say about this, and I share most of it with my Channel Your Genius Academy members.

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