Harbin friends, my heart goes out to you after this fire.

This video invite is for you…

So, if you are longing to create a business that you can do anywhere – a coaching or healing or creative business – and you want to take me up on this offer to do a pay-it-forward scholarship to take my business development class here’s what to do:
First, go check out the course HERE.  Read all about it.  Watch the tour.  I’m offering you the self-study level of this course.  I want to make sure you really want it.  I want to make sure you will utilize it.
Next, consider the deal…
The fee for this course is regularly $1950.  I’m offering you a scholarship so you wouldn’t have to pay at this time.
It does cost me some money to put people through this program.  My idea is to have those of you who can afford it to pay me the $100 to cover my costs.  But if some of you can’t cover even those costs, I’m finding ways to give it to you and cover that myself.
Otherwise, the invitation is that you’d take the course, put it to work, and after you’ve made your first $5K, you’d pay me back $1K which I’d put towards covering other scholarships for people who need it in the future.  That’s what I mean by a Pay It Forward thing.  I feel this is cleaner for all involved than a “charity” thing.  I mean, you’re gonna learn to make a biz that can support you well.  And we want other people to have access to that too.  Seems like a win-win to me!
Finally, If this feels right to you, and you have a BIG YES to doing this, then go fill out the application survey here:  https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/52577136832965
I’ll email you to follow up with next steps.
Maybe this post-fire time period of rebuilding can be a potent time for you to build a business that can help you share your deep and sacred gifts with the world in a way that truly sustains you no matter where you live. That’s my hope!