Kundalan Meditation: For Opening the Creative Channel


My Kundalan Meditation is perfect to clear out, open up, and be ready for creative activities!

It is designed to open your Creative Channel!

Here is a link to download the Kundalan Meditation!

Enjoy, and feel free to email me to let me know how it goes for you!



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About Kundalan Meditation

The Kundalan Meditation is a simple guided meditation involving breathing and imagining or visualizing. It feels good because it relaxes the body and reconnects the energy body with the re-vitalizing electromagnetic pulse of Earth. It inspires and feeds the spirit because it re-connects to the love of Spirit from a grounded foundation. Finally, it guides one through the conscious co-creation with the Universe by utilizing the power of our desires and intention balanced with our surrender to the highest good. Kundalan meditation is not religious, and can be utilized by people of any faith in good conscience by simply replacing the symbols of whoever is “up there” from angels to Christ to Buddha. Any symbol of divine love will do. 🙂 YoniSpeak is a voice of feminine wisdom that comes through Mellissa Seaman. Read more at www.YoniSpeak.com


How to do the Kundalan Meditation:


Begin by finding your seat, feeling your bottom, and relaxing. Sit in a way that is comfortable. Be somewhere where you will not be interrupted or bothered.


Breathe a full-bodied in-breath, so that your belly fills with air, and then your chest and shoulders fill with air, and then let the breath out with a letting-go sigh for an exhale.


The exhale is important. It should be a total surrender, a letting go. It is a sigh without sound – just the relaxed expulsion of air. Drop the jaw, relax the throat, relax the perineum/root. Just let go.


Scenario to help with the exhale: Imagine that you’ve just found your two-year old daughter, with permanent marker in hand, sitting in front of your brand new stainless steel fridge. She has drawn scribbles (beautiful artwork in her mind) all over your treasured fridge, and she is grinning with pride. You know in this moment that you can either be angry, or you can smile and let go with a huge sigh of surrender. This surrender-sigh is the type of out-breath. Now practice this out-breath while you consider all the things in life that you cannot really control, and let them all go with every out breath.


Breathing like this will allow emotions to rise. Let them rise, without attending to the stories of why you are sad or mad. Simply stay with this full inbreath and relaxed “giving up” sigh out-breath, until you feel yourself really relaxing.


As you continue the full in-breath and letting go out-breath, imagine the body is melting downward. Imagine your consciousness dropping down into and through the earth, sinking past rock, past roots, past dark rich soil, while you’re continuing this breath. Every time you give a relaxed out-breath, you drop farther down in the earth, until (after 5 minutes of dropping or so) you land in an empty womb-space in the center of the earth.


Imagine floating in the earth’s womb cave, dark and empty. Let go with a few more breaths here, totally surrendering to the Mother.


Imagine from this emptiness, a warm tickling honey substance rising up, like the springtide, like a joyful enthusiasm embodied. This is the vitality of the Mother. Allow this springtide to rise, with your consciousness, back up through the earth along the same passage way you took on the way down.


Keep the breath going in the same way. And notice that every full in-breath signals the rising up of the springtide closer to the surface of the earth. Continue also to let go with every out-breath, because there is nothing to hold on to here.


The springtide reaches the bottom of your body, and with an in-breath, it penetrates your root/yoni, and pours this warm vital force into the bottom of your body, your legs, hips, etc. until it fills you up, rising up through the body slowly with each breath that invites it in, and spreading and relaxing with every out-breath.


After it has poured over your shoulders and into your arms, filling up through your neck and head, it pours out the top of your head – your crown – and covers your skin.


Then, this energy rises up swiftly like a spot light shining up through the crown of your head, rising very fast with every in-breath, until it reaches the center of the Universe where you might imagine your Guides or Angels are beaming this energy with Light and Love for you.


Once saturated with love and light from the divine, this energy floats very swiftly down again with every out-breath, eventually penetrating your crown very gently, and dropping back down through your body, en-lightening you from the inside with the love of the Universe, all the way back down to your belly.


In your belly, this energy lights up your desires. Imagine and FEEL your desires – no matter how selfish they may seem. Allow them, and breathe into your desires, even stating them out loud with relish, enjoying the feeling of WANTING.


Imagine gathering and rolling all of this wanting around in your belly with joy and enthusiasm, and when the time is right for you, EXPEL this wanting energy as if you were penetrating the Mother Earth with a phallus of your desire. You send your desire down, passionately, and allow the Earth to swallow and embrace this desire in her womb space.


Then you simply breathe and rest, knowing that your channel is open, and your desire has just impregnated the Mother with your own future, seeded by your own desire. Of course, just as in conceiving a child, the nature of your energy/desire will not exactly dictate what is birthed in your life. But the desire itself makes the birthing possible, and the “baby” is sure to have your eyes or nose – some part of your intention will be reflected and honored in the gift the Earth gives back in the manifestation of your Life.

(c) Mellissa Seaman – Enjoy this, and share it – but please – Share this only with linkback to this page! 🙂 Thanks!

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