How to Avoid the Challenges of the Creator – A Short Video

Hi Creator!  I made this short video just for you – so you can easily avoid the challenges that Creators tend to have!

Speaking of excellent ways to stop Working Against Your Gifts, what about the Gift of Perfect Timing?

What if you had a calendar that showed you, in simple terms, the best and worst days for business, love, play, rest, and money in 2016?

Get Mellissa Seaman's Magical Calendar 2016

Mellissa’s Magical Calendar for 2016

Mellissa already did the hard work for you – distilling numerous predictive wisdom traditions like astrology, numerology, and intuitive wisdom to create this simple effective calendar that focuses on the most important days of this coming year.

Lay this awesome Google Calendar over your own, and you’ll be able to easily plan your year around the the best (and worst) days coming for you in 2016.

  • You’ll be ready for those low vitality days, so you don’t get shocked by your inability to get out of bed that day!
  • You’ll know when the best money/abundance days are so you can plan your biz for those days.
  • You’ll be in the know (without having to study astrology and numerology and traditional cosmologies) about the most important energetic dips and peaks that are sure to affect you in 2016, whether you’re ready for them or not!

Lots of people have already bought this calendar at it’s already low price of $44, and here’s what they’re saying….

I love this calendar! It has given me peace when things are hectic and crazy, because I know… It makes a difference in my life!

I have already planned my program launch and dates around it! 

I am so grateful to have clues for the whole year already available!!!

And if you purchase today, you can get this $44 calendar for only $27.  (Yah – you get to save 40%!).

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Get Mellissa’s Magical Calendar here.