The Soul Gift Cheat Sheet!

What’s your Secondary Soul Gift?  

What do you need to know about all the Soul Gifts!?  

You’ll know all this and more after you read through this Cheat Sheet! Yay!


OK – You know about your Soul Gift now, because you took the Soul Gift Quiz!

But we are complex beings, and you may already feel like there is a second Soul Gift that applies to you too.

We call this your “secondary” Soul Gift.


Today, you’re invited to use this Cheat Sheet to find the answer to:

  • What would be my “secondary” Soul Gift?  (and of course you can review your primary main Soul Gift here!)
  • Where can I find more people to connect who are my soul gift type?
  • What are the other Soul Gift types?


Below, you’ll find a short description of how to activate each Soul Gift type, along with a link to the top 10 things you need to know to work with your soul gift.


Soul Gift Cheat Sheet!


MessengerMessengers are all about communication, being heard, and bringing their wisdom to the world. They are the natural speakers, writers, and teachers.  How do you activate yourself as a messenger? It begins with clearing the blocks to your voice, and to release the fear of being heard and seen in this world.  Many Messengers endure an early life where their voice was shut down.  Perhaps you were silenced as a child.  Maybe you were judged for your wisdom.  Whatever the case, you can now consider those lessons complete, and even appreciate them for preparing you to speak up now!  When you are clear, you Messengers will bring us the new wisdom we need.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Live Happy as a Messenger.



CreatorThe Creator is a systems genius, who builds and perfects systems of lots of different kinds!  They are often perfectionists, who can attend to the big picture design as well as the details.  The Creator type is activated when their ideas are put into use.  You are a designer.  You are an inventor.  You feel shut down when people do not listen to your advice, your clarity, and your impressions.  You are frustrated when people are idiots. Most Creator types need to be cleared of perfectionism, self-critique, and brutal judgement of just about everyone and everything around them. Then they become the most creative collaborative designers of the new systems we all need.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Live Happy as a Creator.



Transmitters are the most misunderstood and undervalued type in this system. Transmitter Transmitters are magical folk.  Your value radiates from you in every instant, no matter what you are doing.  And you know it.  So you don’t want to work.  In fact, you find the concept that you must work positively offensive to your very being.  Transmitters usually need to clear their blocks to money, wealth, and work-based value.  With your abundance channel open, you draw money magnetically, and your gift radiates outward effortlessly, changing the world.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Live Happy as a Transmitter.



ResearcherResearchers are always watching and learning, and are often brilliant with technology and objective data. You are so curious, so interested, that you sometimes forget to connect.  So your first step, like the Explorer, is to release your blocks to intimacy and trust.  Then, your curiosity in the human race becomes even more rich and sublime.  You get to learn and understand through feeling, connecting, and direct download of others’ experience through the “technology” of empathy.  Intuition gives you advanced wisdom to add to your results.  The whole game gets more interesting, and you get to enjoy the study all the more!

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Live as a Researcher.



ExplorerOoh!  You’re an Explorer!  You’re here to experience everything!  You love to travel, have adventures, and experience variety.  You have the power to weave and connect so many places, people, and experiences while you experience JOY in being alive!  Your first step to relaxing into your gift is to release your blocks to intimacy and trust.  Once you master true honest connection, you will find the close relationships that have space for your freedom and independence, while feeling met deeply in intimacy.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Live as an Explorer.


Cool!  Here’s what to do next if ya wanna…

  • Share about your primary and the secondary Soul Gift that resonates most with you on our Facebook Group here!