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Soul Gift Business School 2016
The step-by-step biz training business training and mentorship program, designed just for sensitive intuitive gifted people.
Hi, I'm Mellissa!
I'm a Stanford educated former business attorney turned Intuitive. I am the creator of the Soul Gift system, and Soul Gift Business School. And I specialize in supporting other gifted intuitive people to successfully bridge the worlds of business success and spiritual integrity, to have the best of both worlds!

If you're like me, business has never been about “just” making money by doing whatever it takes… it’s about following your deepest calling.

See, if intuitive people like us don't choose their biz carefully, and set it up strategically step-by-step, we tend to burn out fast - no matter how much money we make! We can end up feeling really discouraged, exhausted, and frustrated.

This course will save you years of drama, trauma, and money struggle. It is designed for sensitive gifted folk. It's designed to build a business from the soul. And it's not just another marketing class to hook you on buying something else. It gets you all the way there, for about 1/3 of what other trainings cost.

This program is special like you. Lots of support. Funny engaging videos. New paradigm take on biz, pricing, and sales that intuitive people can really get.

I created Soul Gift Business School because I believe that you have Gifts this world needs NOW. And I got frustrated with the other trainings that are out there, because they don't work for sensitive people. Finally, this is a business training that is made to fit you. And I'm charging a low price so you can afford it. I'll be with you at every step. I look forward to watching you shine and prosper, so we can all change the world together!

Module 1: Proclaim Your Purposeful Vision
Without this step, you will likely build a business that doesn't fit you. And then even if you make some money, you will likely burn out - frustrated and exhausted, with your soul still yearning for full expression.

●Know your Gift, your Purpose, and your Right Role
●Vision the business that will never burn you out.
●Activate your Soul Gift for Success
Module 2: Own Your Expertise
Unless you specify your expertise, people will keep expecting you to work for free, underpaying you, or simply not understanding what the heck you do.

Specify a niche that draws your ideal clients for deeper work.
●Know your people and how to speak to them so they understand and value you.
●Position yourself as the powerful expert you are, increasing confidence and success.

Module 3: Magnetize Your Message
When you find your Magic Words, you can win passionate fans and eager clients every time you talk about your work. You become a confident magnet for your best clients everywhere you go.

●Discover your ideal clients' own magic words.
●Easily communicate your value, your worth, and your deep gift.
●Effortlessly attract your tribe.

Module 4: Step Up Into Your Worth
Some biz teachers advise to just charge as much as possible. This is not professional, not honest, and not in integrity. You know that. This module will show you how to make big money, while remaining in full integrity, by setting prices that are a huge win-win for everyone.

●Make honest promises that instantly increase your value and pay.
●Clear your fears of failure and your blocks to money.
●Learn the Secret of What To Charge.

Module 5: Sell Without Selling Out
Sales are too often slimy. Sensitive people can feel that. You will learn a NEW way of sales that honors connection, honesty, and the wisdom of the highest good. This module teaches you, step-by-step, how to be a true ally as you sell your sacred work, creating community, wealth, and a tribe of trust.

●Enjoy Sales as a sacred ally conversation.
●Feel confident and generous in conversations with potential clients.
●Honor payment as a sacred ritual and commitment on both sides, creating magic, trust, and HUGE abundance for all.

Module 6: Work Smart, Stay Happy
The most dangerous part about finding the biz you LOVE as an intuitive person - is that you are tempted to work ALL the time cause you love it so much! This module shows you the sacred cycles so you can't be sustainable in your success, while enjoying a great relaxed lifestyle of freedom.

Learn how to stay balanced as a sensitive with a biz you love.
●Track the cycles of the medicine wheel so you don't miss anything you need.
●Establish a new routine with your additional wealth, being sure to spend money on yourself to keep yourself open and effective and happy!

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See you in 2017

Stop Trying to "Figure It Out" All On Your Own
The Secrets to Building a Business from your Gifts is Right Here

Here's what past students say...
Becca Hunnicutt
Energy Healer and
Mind Body Counselor
Soul Gift Business School showed me how to love myself where I hated myself – in selling to others. Now I know how to spread that joy and love I have for my clients - with integrity. These tools are exactly what I was looking for to keep me in my highest alignment with myself AND still be able to sell my services and serve with the gift I came here to serve with.                                                                                             

Christel ORourke

I came into Soul Gift Business School not truly knowing what it was I wanted to do. I had an idea but no knowledge of how to do it without sounding crazy and scaring everyone away. This course helped me truly nail down what it is I can do to help others and finally get paid for it. It created a space for me to trust myself, feel more self-confident and speak my truth. It was Empowering!! I highly recommend this course to old and new entrepreneurs alike.
Jenny Knowles
Hypnosis & NLP
During the program, Mellissa kept the practical information genius-simple, adding in her characteristic and profound silly-meets-wisdom style. It took a Mac truck to overcome my stuckness, but each week her program made it so easy to just stick with it, create and keep going. Her methods are of the highest integrity I have seen in this industry. When I tested her marketing suggestions, not only did they powerfully resonate for me, they drew people to me asking for more.
Lori House
Licensed Professional Fiduciary
I was afraid that I'd have to be a pushy saleswoman - and that's not me. I'm a heart-centered person, with a heart-centered business (even though I'm a CPA and professional fiduciary!). I now see that my heart-centered nature is my greatest strength, and even my brand - and how that actually sets me up to make more money, not less!
Vanita Lott
Nurse - Midwife
Mellissa’s business program provided the jumpstart, guidance and cheerleading to begin to build the framework for my new endeavor, reducing the cesarean rate in the US. She helped me to get immediate marketing feedback on my various ideas. Thanks so much Mellissa and her team.
Steven Kimmelman
Coach, Counselor & Mentor for Men
Your Masculine Truth

Soul Gift Business School has been incredibly effective helping me quickly identify and hone my expertise, target audience, and messaging (so important!). And all the support has been great in moving me to action, and enjoying the journey. I truly wouldn't be where I am today without this program. Mellissa speaks my soul's language and created a process that I connected with all the way through. I'm so grateful!
Common Questions & Answers

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. If you fully participate in the modules, assignments, calls, and group through the first 3 months of the course, and still feel you received no value, your investment will be refunded 100%

When does the program start?
Soul Gift Business School begins February 29, and continues until the end of August. The intensive calls and coaching happen March, April, and May.

How often is this course available?
We only run Soul Gift Business School once per year.

What happens if I cannot attend the live group coaching calls?
For those who cannot attend calls live, the recordings will be made available.

Will I get personal feedback and coaching with this course?
Yes! We have a private Facebook group to give personalized coaching on your niche, your wording, and your strategy. You will learn both from your own questions and those of others.

Is it right for those who have a biz already, or for those who don't have a biz?
Both. Either way, good strategy takes us back to look at the right foundation, based on your gifts, and finding the right words to convey value and get you paid.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes. The payment plan consists of 10 monthly payments of $295, automatically paid from PayPal or a credit card.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
Email our Program Director Jaime and she can help you with your questions.

Registration Closed! 
See you in 2017