If you’re a SPEAKER – that is if you’re a coach or teacher or thought leader who appears on radio shows, podcasts, Facebook Lives, and stages big and small – your own events or someone else’s…

You need to make a QUIZ.

Oh yes.

A Quiz is what you need…

Here’s why.

People might be rapt and interested when they’re listening to you. But you won’t have ongoing connection with them unless they OPT IN for something. And these days, people are tired of the old “opt-in to get this free blueprint/notes/map/video/e-book” thingie. We are overwhelmed. We are inundated with dang emails.  We don’t want any more thingies.  We want experiences. We want contact.

HOWEVER… if during your talk, you engage the audience with a short quiz – the kind of fun picture based quiz that they can do in 2 minutes DURING your talk as part of the experience of your talk… not only do you get way MORE opt-ins. You also get people who are interested in you. And if the quiz itself has one or two “secret” questions that determine whether this person is a perfect fit to work more with you… well, then you’ve also got an effortless list of ideal clients.

And if the quiz has a follow-up survey for those ideal-seeming clients only, now you’ve got a funnel that automatically identifies, connects with, and educates your perfect clients towards a sale – before you’ve even had to spend one minute with them.  Now THOSE are the peeps you want to hop on the phone with!

Yay!  A smart quiz funnel that attracts, identifies and engages your perfect clients!  BOOM!

  • No more cajoling audiences to PLEASE opt-in from your talk  – they will all WANT to take your fun quiz.
  • No more boring consult calls with people who are obviously not your ideal clients.
  • No more saying the same dang things over and over to individuals in useless consult calls.

A strategically designed quiz funnel can do the work for you.

Here’s a free training that teaches you how:

And if you want me to design your quiz for/with you, and you are ready to invest a couple thousand bucks into creating a system that will feed you with clients for the rest of your career,