7 Steps to open your Gift, know your purpose, and live your dream.

Where are you on this map of 7 steps?

1. Uncover Your Gift:  You release the shame, beliefs, and old expectations that keep you from discovering and claiming your unique Gift.  (You likely had to move past these just to take the Soul Gift Quiz and look at your Gift!)

2. Identify Your Gift:  You have clarity about what your specific Gifts are.  You may have a really great intuitive gut feeling.  You may have dreams with meaning.  You may have extraordinary empathy.  There are several categories of innate intuitive gifts.  Which ones do you have?  (The Soul Gift Quiz gave you a hint of this, of course)

3. Dedicate Your Gift:  With strong intention and dedication, you devote your Gift to the Highest Good only. You may have noticed this: Those who use their Gifts to only please themselves, just make money, or to try to cheat “fate” end up miserable.  Intention is everything.  Devote your Gift, and you’ll enjoy extraordinary serendipity, a feeling of fulfillment, and exciting miracles that lead you from one day to the next.

4. Claim Your Gift:  It’s scary to speak out your Gift to your loved ones and community.  Before you’ve taken this step, you may feel like you’re leading two lives, one “normal” public one, and one “spiritual” private one.  There are good ways to speak of your Gift so that you don’t lose respect, you don’t burn bridges, and so that you find new community to add into your life.

5. Steward Your Gift: Learn tools, protocols, and boundaries that will help you stay in integrity – with no dogma, rules, or limiting belief structures imposed. Connect with your inner guidance, and feel an inner wisdom team supporting you 24/7 in your work. Connect in community, and you’ll have people you can trust to keep you accountable to your own standards.

6. Upgrade Your Gift:  As long as you are stewarding and utilizing your Gift, it will grow!  You will get periodic “upgrades.”  Some will feel like “software” upgrades that bring you new versions of the Gift, and some will feel like “operating system” upgrades that can create a happier healthier more fulfilled you, seemingly overnight.  There are tips and tools to make these upgrade times easier and more efficient, exciting rather than scary, and more physically comfortable.

7. Succeed with Your Gift:  Many folks who are serious about sharing their Gift choose to create a business around it.  Do this, and finally, your work feels like play! You wake up every day knowing you’re doing what you came here to do.  You thrive in your work – enjoying wealth, respect, community, and abundance on all levels. You feel deep satisfaction, joy, and generosity from your radical abundance.

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