Why me?  Why Mellissa?

Because I’m a sharp business mind as well as a gifted intuitive.

I’m a bridge between the worlds, just like you.

So I can help you identify your gifts, and access your purpose, pleasure, and power.

You don’t need to choose between a woo-woo personal development coach who can help you find yourself, and a hard-driving business strategist who will push you into following a blueprint written for someone else.  You can have the best of both worlds, and create your work in a fun, meaningful, and effective way.

The result? You can have global impact as the leader and teacher you were born to be.

See, inspired professionals make three costly mistakes when they forget to focus (and re-focus) their business and life on their unique gifts, avoiding their true genius.

I am uniquely qualified to help you avoid these mistakes, and to accelerate your success as an innovator, a creative, and a thought leader.

I utilize my shamanic wisdom, intuitive clarity, and business acumen combined to get you the results you want.

Here are the three big mistakes you don’t want to make:

The First Mistake You Don’t Want to Make…

Lots of smart people, driven to find success, make a big mistake – they copy someone else’s niche, strategy, or expertise, instead of basing their biz and life on their unique Soul Gift.

Ignoring the genius that they alone have to offer, they try to do it like someone else, and end up feeling like a failure and a fake, waiting to be found out.  I did that.

That was me as a lawyer.  My dad was a judge.  I followed in his footsteps.  I went to Stanford University and starred in theatre and improv productions, and then I went to law school in my hometown of San Diego and simultaneously opened and ran an improv comedy theatre downtown.  I worked when I wanted, running an entrepreneurial law practice that supported other lawyers in readying cases for trial.  I had money, a big house, multiple cars, family, and all… but something was missing.  Somehow, I felt like an imposter in a world that was not really my own.  

With the birth of my second child, something shifted for me.  I had a life-changing realization that I had been holding back an important part of myself – my extraordinary GIFT of intuition.  And when I stopped holding back, I found myself enjoying intuitive gifts that turned me into a healer, an advisor, and an oracle that could give advice and wisdom that seemed to work miracles and helped people FAST.

I chose to drop out of my old professional world, but that wasn’t the end-all answer either.  I left my world of law and business and lived in a community in the forests of Northern California.  I told myself that the “real world” would never accept me again.  I embraced my intuitive gifts, but I denounced my gifts for making money, working systems, and doing business.  I taught retreats, classes, and workshops in the feminine spiritual arts, and I helped hundreds of people around the world with my distance-healing practice to release spiritual blocks and feel much better, but I made very little money, and I knew my lifestyle was not going to leave me a retirement or a legacy.

It wasn’t until I lost everything in my material world that I came around to embracing both worlds, and finding real success again.  Within a few months of applying the wisdom I now share with other entrepreneurs, I doubled my revenues.   Within a year, I had tripled my business and had more time off than ever.  Two years later, I took a five-week trip with my teen aged kids and my parents in my sweet RV all around the National Parks!

Now I know how to integrate BOTH inspiration and success, and I enjoy helping other innovative leaders find their way of having the best of both worlds too.

So many of my highest-earning friends are struggling to get their LIFE back.  I help them balance success in both worlds so they can enjoy the revenues they’ve created and avoid burnout.

I realize that even the most spiritual and inspired gifted people NEED to make money and have success so that they can RELAX and give their gift to the most people possible – with integrity.  It just needs to be balanced.  I use shamanic practices to balance the worlds.

I will show you how to stay relaxed, rich, and successful – all based on your true Gift.

The Second Mistake You Don’t Want to Make

Professionals often get rich – yet desperately unhappy- because they are not focusing on their true Genius.

It doesn’t matter how much money they make, what kind of fleet of jets they end up with, or how many followers they have on social media.  So many radically “successful” professionals end up exhausted, burnt out, and stuck in a secret cycle of profound disappointment.  That’s because – although they are doing a LOT – they are not doing what their soul came here to do.

That’s why when I begin working with someone, we go through a series of steps to make sure they know 1. Who they really are – based on their deepest Gifts and their type of Genius, 2. What they’re really here for in terms of their life purpose, and only then – 3. Best strategies to channel their Genius in the world to create real results with soul fulfillment.

I’ve had plenty of clients come to me who are “living the dream” while inside, they are experiencing an irritating gnawing nightmare – fearing that they will die without doing what they REALLY came here to do.

The good news is, once you’re aligned with your Gifts, and you’re tapping your true Genius, you are able to embody your purpose as a Genius Incarnate – and the worlds open up to you!  

Some people are afraid to start over. Many are afraid that they will lose the reputation, respect, and revenue they’d worked so hard to create in their lives by starting again.  But guess what?  They are always delighted and surprised to discover that everything that had come before can be INTEGRATED with what they learn anew.  Of course.  That’s how life works, right? 

My dad taught me this mantra: “I am uniquely qualified to do what I am here to do.”  And I believe it.  All of my life experiences – ALL of them – from the most traumatic to the most victorious – have led me here.  And it’s the same for you.  Trust that.  Together we will take a look at all of it, make sense of it with the help of divine guidance, and create a strategic  plan to move forward in a way that integrates all of you- including your past, and building upon the success you’ve already created.

This is not the way most coaches/helpers/etc think.  So please be careful out there.  Many want you to follow a cookie-cutter program.  Many want to convince you that you need to throw away your past to build your future.  Many are preying on your desperation, and feeding you a lie that sounds religious, dogmatic, and bossy.  Don’t fall for it.  It’s a waste of money if it makes you feel small.  I, too, have unfortunately spent tens of thousands of dollars on mentors that were not authentic.  Ack!  They couldn’t help me, and they likely can’t help you, either. They weren’t walking their talk.  Your guide should leave you feeling empowered, grinning, and preferably in tears of recognition and relief.

If you want a good advisor/coach, and you don’t feel a fit with me, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to refer you to someone else who has integrity and a style you’ll enjoy.

The Third Mistake You Don’t Want to Make

Often, powerful leaders try to do it all alone – so they never experience the mircles that occur through connecting in community (seen and unseen) with their own Miracle Network.

Most powerful leaders end up feeling tired, alone, and a little resentful even towards their friends.  They are trapped in the lie that they have to do it all alone.  They forget to collaborate.  We are designed to collaborate deeply – with our loved ones, our colleagues, and also the invisible energies that guide our lives.

I’ve often felt like I needed to do it all alone. In law school, everything was a competition. I watched as my classmates would practice negotiation, and they would strut around as their vehement arguments would trash any possibility of a win-win solution. Yet, when I visited my dad in the courtroom, I saw that the best lawyers were always looking for the right settlement that would be a win-win.  These were the lawyers my dad respected.  These were the lawyers that the other lawyers respected, too.  And I pledged to always be one of these collaborative winners.

Even though I’ve always been a spiritual person, I’ve also gone through periods where I literally forgot to re-connect with the divine inspiration of my life.  When I finally stop, become mindful, and welcome the support of the mystery, of nature, of prayer, of love… everything opens up again.  I’m back in touch with my invisible Team.

When we are desperate for success, we tend to isolate and push ourselves into a frenzy.  And we feel totally unsupported.

Many of my clients show up in this push.  And they are often blind to the many connections and support systems that they could be win-winning with.  

The key is reclaiming the power of connection and community.

I know the power of community.  I lived in close community with others for close to fifteen years. I’ve founded three communities, led communities and circles and retreats and learning experiences for years.  I’ve been leading spiritual workshops since I was a teenager.  I’ve learned a lot about communication, negotiation, and finding the win-win.  I can’t even imagine “success” being anything except a win-win, honestly!

That’s why working with me always includes a connective  component.  We win together.  You can connect as lightly or deeply as you wish.  But when you work with me, you are connected to a network of allies of both the spiritual and real-world nature that feed and sustain you, and make this all FUN!

After I discovered my true Gifts, and then connected with community around that — I created a “miracle network” for myself.  When I need something, I simply drop my request into my extended community, and it manifests.  I’ve had many exotic vacations, next-home finds, lucrative work opportunities, and even love relationships that have simply manifested when I tapped my community.

I will show you how how to have this sort of miracle network too – They are waiting for you!  I will show you how to leverage the power of your spiritual team, too – the invisible and subconscious allies that are just waiting to help you make miracles.

Now you know the three mistakes, and how I help you avoid making them.

I wrote this article this way so that you can learn some important things even before we connect personally.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, I wanted you to have the heads-up on how you create success for yourself.

Why do I care about your success?

Because I have two teenaged kids.

And I want this world to be in good shape for them when they are my age.

That means I need the inspired teachers to spread the word, wake the world up, and make this place better.  That’s where you come in.

I am personally invested in supporting your inspired work in this world.

That’s my Calling.

To help you.

My personal journey has given me the real-world experience to show you the way, and it is my own deepest Gift to intuitively guide you in the right direction.

I look forward to learning more about you, and empowering you to become richly satisfied, relaxed and wealthy so you can bring the Gift you came here to bring.

With Love and Respect,