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Where does the info on Mellissa’s Magical Calendar come from? Where can I learn more?

Mellissa pulled important info from a number of different cosmologies and traditions she has studied under various teachers.  The idea with this calendar was to focus on what’s important, and not get overwhelmed with lots of data.  But some may want to explore more and add to this info provided.  For more info on the moons and astrology, or on the numerology for every day, see Beatrex Quntanna’s Moon Calendar here.  For more info on the Tlish Diyan Apache cosmology, including the animal guardians noted for each moon, see Maria Yraceburu’s energy tracking calendar here.  More info on the specific astrological transits can be found all over the web if you google the date and the planet name.  And much of the other information, including which things to highlight and which to leave off, the spins on the moons and the transits, come from Mellissa’s own intuitive information directly.


What does it mean when it says a number like 3 or 10 or 8 day?

These refer to a numerology system.  A 3 day is great for creating, celebrating, and having fun.  A 4 day is great for organizing, creating systems, and focusing on foundational structures.  An 8 day is tuned for money and abundance.  These are great days to launch a product, ask for money, or set your prices.  And a 10 day is for new beginnings, starting over, and renewal.  An 11 day includes benefits from all the numbers combined, and is a great day for mastery.  Want more of this numerology system?  You can get detailed info on each day by purchasing Beatrex Quntanna’s Moon Calendar.


Tell me more about the Void Moon days.

The moon is “void” when it’s not being influenced directly by a specific planet.  On these days, sensitive people can feel floaty, undirected.  The mantra is “nothing will happen” on a Void Moon Day.  This can be positive or negative, depending on how you use it!  For example, it’s not a productive get-er-done sort of day for most of us.  But it’s a great day for resting and allowing subconscious material to flow.  It’s also a great day to “break the bad news” if you don’t want a big ripple.  For example, President Reagan, the “Teflon President” who made a lot of boo-boos but got away with everything, made a point of always announcing his mistakes during a Void Moon.  And guess what?  “Nothing happened.”  The news was just sort of washed away without much commotion.  It’s a great energy to be aware of!

How can I use this calendar to plan my business year?

Most of the descriptions under the days are very clear on this point… Use 8 days for releasing product, asking for money, etc.  Don’t expect yourself to have big energy for producing, promoting or performing during Sensitive or Low Vitality days.  Avoid beginning new things when Mercury is in Retrograde.  Don’t expect anything to happen during a Void Moon.  If you do just these things, your business will be so much more in-tune – you’ll really notice the difference in 2016!


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