OOOH!  Special Gifts just for YOU!

Thanks for joining us!  Here are some awesome special gifts for you!

Take the Soul Gift Quiz!First, take the Soul Gift Quiz now!

This 8 question funny quiz will nail you, guaranteed!  It’s free, fun, and takes less than 5 minutes – to find out whether you’re a Creator, a Messenger, a Transmitter, a Researcher, or an Explorer!

Thousands of people have taken the Soul Gift Quiz to discover their special Soul Gift type.  It tells you a lot about yourself!

*Note: Laughter of recognition and/or Tears of Validation are commonplace when you see the results about yourself!  Take the Soul Gift Quiz here.  


Secondly, Download this guided audio recording – the Kundalan Meditation

– to unwindKundalan your stress, open your creativity, and feel created to support and inspiration all at once!

 Kundalan Meditation: For Opening the Creative Channel

The Kundalan Meditation is perfect to clear out, open up, and be ready for creative activities!

It is designed to open your Creative Channel!

Here is a link to download the Kundalan Meditation!


Enjoy, and feel free to email me to let me know how it goes for you!