Mellissa’s Magical Calendar for 2016

 – a priceless tool and map that shows you all the best and worst days for business, love, work, and rest in 2016.

Layer this Google Calendar over your own, and you will

  • Know the important dates in 2016  to work, play, and rest.
  • Preview the big tumultuous cycles coming in 2016 so you can leverage their energies for your success and ease (like surfing big waves!).
  • Make use of the Cycles of Power to stay in harmony with the cycles and powers of the universe, launch your success in 2016.

Get Mellissa’s Magical Calendar for 2016 here.

Once Upon A Time…

Back before modern electricity and a false sense of light, we all lived in harmony with natural cycles. We knew what to expect from the energies that affect us all day, every day. We knew how to track natural cycles, cosmic cycles, and astrological cycles.

This art of Energy Forecasting isn’t lost. Now  it’s more of an underground secret art, still practiced by those in the know. Even mega-corporations benefit from forecasting; they just don’t commonly mention that their big product launch is in tune with the celestial cycles.

Energy Forecasting is still critical for setting up success in the New Year. 

The Gregorian calendar we use is not so useful on its own; it doesn’t follow the natural cycles and it doesn’t go by the moons.  So each year, I curate a calendar of the important energy cycles, difficult days, and perfectly aligned days for business and love.  I draw from several of my favorite teachers, writers, and my own intuitive guidance to prognosticate where the cycles are running, their energies, and the best times to act and to stay quiet, in order to reach the best chance of success.

And each year, I watch as my calendar proves itself true.

Now that I’m anchored in scheduling stuff this way, sometimes I look at my colleagues’ product launch schedules and shake my head all while biting my tongue, because I see that they’ve set themselves up for disaster by planning things at the wrong times.  They plan things around school calendars and publishing calendars and such, but they don’t know how to plan them around the unavoidable cosmological cycles that affect ALL of us.

My cyclical calendar has been my big secret for creating Perfect Timing for years now.

And I want to share it with you



Mellissa Seaman will preview what’s ahead in 2016 — cycle by cycle — with wisdom from astrology, indigenous cosmology, and intuitive prognostication – so you know what’s coming next year, and can plan accordingly!

Just imagine…

What would it be like to stop having “bad days” because you’ve aligned your schedule with the natural forces that surround and support you?

Never again do you have to say things like “oh, I wish I knew that the energies would be so slow/difficult/impossible today!”  You can know this stuff ahead of time!

Get this amazing calendar now!



Want a more detailed PRINTED calendar?  Go buy these!

See, I pulled just a few of the things that I found most important from a couple of my best teachers, and put them in my digital calendar.  If you want the full story from my teachers, in their printed works, go get these!

Beatrex Quntanna’s Moon Calendar – Year of Generosity 2016.  This calendar will give you tons more information on the numerology, subtle astrology, and the ways you can manifest with the moons.  Beatrex is my main teacher of astrology, numerology, and moon manifestation.  She has both a printed year calendar and a printed Moon Book which is a workbook to fill in as you go through the year – both are awesome!

Maria Yraceburu’s Tlish Diyan Cyclic Energy Calendar – Year of Blessings 2016.  This calendar is based in Quero Apache cosmology, and shares the days of power and energy tracking of my teacher and shima, Maria Yraceburu.  It’s a unique opportunity to track energy with living indigenous wisdom!