The Resonant yes

Designed to guide you, step-by-step, swiftly and easily, through bringing an important choice or decision to the perfect-fit, the Resonant Yes Design Kit can be used it anytime you need to make an important choice – to make sure you don’t screw it up!

If you make decisions in your life, and you want them to always be good decisions, you need The Resonant Yes Decision Making Kit.

You get:

  • The Resonant Yes e-book: written by Mellissa, the e-book explains how it all works. It includes the steps and shares the stories to get you to your own Resonant Yes, and to live the lifestyle of the Resonant Yes.
  • A 20-minute guided Resonant Yes Process Audio Recording: Mellissa guides you, step-by-step, through navigating to make the BEST decision possible.
  • A 6-minute quick-support recording: Mellissa helps you come to your BEST decision using the Resonant Yes Process anywhere, anytime, in just a few minutes – on any choice!

I wanted a set of tools to help me make good decisions, so I developed this deep and efficient process. Now I want to share them with you.

What would you pay to make sure that you never make another crappy decision?

What if you could pay just $150 to assure yourself you don’t have to make bad decisions anymore?

Lucky you, that’s the price we’ve set on this kit! Why so low? I want this to be widely available so we can all live in a community of people making the best possible decisions for themselves and the world.

YES – I want to protect myself from making crappy decisions, and instead live from my Resonant Yes!