Retreat Registration

Oh boy – oh boy – are you going to have an awesome retreat!!!

This is the page where you get to make your investment that begins the magic.

As you know, paying for something like this is a powerful statement to the universe that you are ready to give yourself what you need to step into your right role.  And as soon as you make your investment, you can expect the magic to begin.  That’s how powerful your invested intention is!

This is a Luxury Retreat – what does that mean?

  • Intimate Group:  Only 12 participants, and 4 expert staff members plus a private chef!
  • Accommodations and all fresh delicious meals are provided
  • Incredible pristine location on a mountaintop with panoramic views in all directions
  • Our own private lodge home, with floor to ceiling windows, high beam ceilings, and gorgeous shared rooms that sleep from two to four people each.
  • Lots of personal attention for you – direct guidance, lots of care, and amazing energy cultivated just for you, to make sure you get the clarity you came for.


Ah Man, this thing is going to cost $10K, right?  I understand where you’d get that idea…

  • It would cost you well over $10,000 –  for a private lodge for four days, plus a fab professional staff to support you.
  • Jeez, it costs $1900 to have Mellissa’s attention for 3 hours, so what will 72 hours cost me – $20,000- right?
  • And yes, we know people pay $12,000 for 4-day high-end big-results retreats all the time.  And most of those are held in hotel ballrooms (ick) and you gotta pay for your own room!

You’re going to be very happy to know that we’ve made this intimate mountain-top weekend experience very affordable.

The 4-day weekends are priced at just $3800.  ** Use the link below to receive an early registration discount!***

(Yes, seriously. Including all meals, accommodations, everything…)

Of course – it will fill fast, by the people who just KNOW they are supposed to be there.  Is that you?  There are only 12 spots for each intimate powerful retreat, so if you know it’s for you, go get it now.  Don’t delay.

Not sure if it’s right for you?  Email Mellissa right now to inquire or to set up a phone chat about it.

Register for your retreat here:

Note: Registration opens soon for our 2016 retreats.  Get on the pre-registration list by emailing us at