Soul Gift Lineage Wisdom:

Your Parents’ & Your Kids’ Soul Gifts

This Soul Gift stuff runs really deep.

Some of the biggest healing in this work comes when you get clear what your parents’ Soul Gifts were, and maybe what your kids’ Soul Gifts are!

Want a swift way to heal your wounds with your folks?  Watch this video to learn about the interplay of your Soul Gift Lineage…

I always thought I knew my kids really really well.  But when I realized what my kids’ Soul Gifts really are, it was like my eyes flew open to the reality of who they REALLY are.  It opened up a whole new world of relating with my teen kids, and they really enjoyed being recognized in the depth that was somehow invisible to me before! So I encourage you to have your kids and your folks take the quiz at and you can enjoy a much deeper level of understanding and intimacy in your lineage!

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s one way you might be evolving beyond what your parents ever thought possible… you may be building your life and business around your Soul Gift for ultimate fulfillment in life!
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