Meet the Soul Gifts!

By now, I bet you’re curious to meet ALL the Soul Gifts!

The more you know about all the Soul Gifts, the better you’ll get along in this crazy world!  You’ll understand your loved ones so much better!

So I made this short video to introduce (and poke fun at 😉 all the different Soul Gifts… Enjoy!


Aren’t you curious about WHO in your life applies to each of these Soul Gifts?

Invite your friends to take the quiz for free at,  and it will bring you together in a new understanding and a fun language you can share!

The Soul Gift Quiz is all about connecting us all in honoring our Gifts!

We created a Facebook Group for people to share Soul Gift stories.  It’s really cool.

And we reply there to your questions too!

Go now and join the community conversation in the Facebook Soul Gift Community!  See ya there!