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Mellissa Seaman

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8-4-2015     How to Do Your Soul’s Business

If you’re going to have your own business, why not do what your Soul came here to do? When you align your biz with your soul, you can go BIG.

  • Clear the blocks to doing what your Soul came here to do.
  • Escape the old heavy “shoulds” and have FUN doing exactly what you’re designed to do.
  • Embrace the magic that flows when you stop resisting your deepest gifts.
  • Harvest the abundance and ease that comes to you when you become an ally of your Soul.
  • Relax into Soul Family connections when you align with your Soul’s true work.

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8-11-2015     Clearing the Blocks to Getting Rich with your Soul Gift

Clear the three main blocks that are keeping you from making lots of money with your gifted business

  • Release self-sabotage patterns that have kept you from finishing other programs.
  • Clear your sub-conscious fears of being wealthy and successful.
  • Experience a powerful transmission to Open your Gift – and Open to Abundance


More topics to be announced. The Soul Gift Network Livestream events with Mellissa Seaman are every Tuesday at 12 pm PDT, until November 10, 2015.

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7/28/2015      Compassion: The Key to Making Big Bucks

Compassion is the key for successful business now — for attracting clients, being a respected leader, and creating community. Join us to learn the secrets!


7-21-2015     Your Soul On Marketing: Make big money as a Conduit of Connection

Marketing is easier, more fun, and deeply fulfilling when you learn the secrets of being a Conduit of Connection. Align with the soul’s view of marketing, and watch money flow to you effortlessly.


7-14-2015     How Magical Folk (Transmitters) Can Finally Make Money

You have ineffable, powerful, yet often invisible magic, Transmitter. We need your magic in the world. Here’s how to position yourself to get paid well to be you.


7-7-2015     Your Soul Team: Put your Imaginary Friends to Work for Real Results

Want to get more done, make more money, do the stuff you do best?   Life is much easier when you allow your Soul Team to help you achieve your goals.


6-30-2015     Know your Soul Gift: Your Power, Value, and Fulfillment.  

Learn about your unique Soul Gift, and participate in an experiential practice to unlock its power.