Feminine Way of Manifestation – Video Training

Would you like to Manifest Like a Woman?

I created this three-part video masterclass, not for a marketing thingie, or as an intro to something else… but because many of my students in my Channel Your Genius Academy were asking me to teach on this topic. And now I want you to have access to it!

The secrets of the feminine cyclical way of making stuff happen have almost been lost to us. Indigenous traditions that have survived still show us the way. And our own bodies show us the way. But in a busy modern world, it’s easy to forget. Once we remember, though, creating wealth, time, energy, and projects becomes easeful and fun.

These three fun and intensive videos will reveal the secrets to manifesting and creating in a feminine way.  They will also reveal why it is this feminine way that is growing in the world, and how we can best ride the wave!  This is great news, especially for women who are ready to birth their new reality!

Let’s get started…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I hope you enjoyed these video lessons. I’m here if you have questions!