Creation is a Sex Act

Creating is a sexual act.

I mean, no matter what we’re creating, it begins with the injection of a great a-ha from the big daddy – from inspiration itself.  “This idea just came into me!”  The best ideas seem as if they’ve arrived from the ethers, landing passionately in our minds, suddenly ecstatic with the “Eureka!  I’ve found it!” moment.  

I call this genius. And it only arrives when we are receptive.  Relaxed.  Open.  Like in the shower.  

(Did you know that In a 2014 conducted by Kaufman, 72% of respondents around the world reported having some kind of new insight in the shower?)

And then the journey of incarnation continues… with the genius idea landing in the mind, becoming a vision, being eventually expressed through the throat to someone else.  And if the idea is to become reality, it must touch the heart, triggering some passion or connection.  Because unless we genuinely CARE about the idea, we are way too busy to incubate it, and birth it in the world.

If we care enough, though, we can’t help but want to turn this idea into real results in the real world.  And that requires strategy and collaboration.  It always requires a plan.  It usually requires a team.  And eventually, when the timing is right, and the way is prepared, we BIRTH the idea into the world.

I say BIRTH because it often involves a frustrating lengthy labor period, full of ups and downs and challenges and that moment of “I can’t!” and finally, the surrendered yet courageous moment of devotion when we do whatever it takes to make it happen.  We release our treasured idea into the big wide world – as a business, a project, or a creation.  And we can’t control it fully from there.  We have to see how it is received.  We get to test and try and wait and see.  We have to set it free from our micromanagement if it is to mature and find its own way. (kinda like our kids, eh?)

Oh yes.  When your business is borne of your genius, it requires a cohesive journey of creation.  It means you care.  It means the whole process is magical, inspired, and more dramatic than if you were just building widgets for a buck.  This is the difference when you are Channeling Your Genius.

It’s a sex act.  It is borne of your openness to divine inspiration.  It is incubated in the deep passionate caring of your heart’s devotion.  It is made real by your willingness to strategize and create in the real world.  Messy.  Heart-wrenching.  Beautiful.

Channeling your Genius is Sexy.  In all the best ways.

And if you want to learn how to CREATE in this world, it’s the Mother you want to be listening to… she knows how to receive, how to incubate, and how to BIRTH. Feminine Genius. I’ve got plenty to say about this, and I share most of it with my Channel Your Genius Academy members.

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From Lawyer to Shaman – How My Channel Opened

I’ve always been intuitive.  I’ve always been creative. I had imaginary friends as a kid.  I made beautiful art, and was the school photographer, and always prayed in my Catholic Church and especially outside with the trees.  And I heard God send me gentle messages. I could imagine angels watching over me. So yes, I’ve always been intuitive. For sure. But I was also the valedictorian of my high school, a Stanford graduate, and eventually a business litigation specialist and practicing lawyer.  And by the time I was married and having kids, I really felt like I had it all: big house, cars, marriage, and living near the beach in San Diego. I was living the dream I’d always had.

I was not expecting the radical change that would turn my world upside down.  I was not looking to get psychic. I wasn’t even sure I believed in that stuff.  But when I gave birth to my daughter, Clarise, in the year 2000, everything changed.  After birthing Clarise, that gentle feeling of guidance I’d sometimes experienced amplified into lucid visions of Spirit Guides, angels, and spirits speaking to me in clear messages.  I was having vistations in waking time as well as in dreamtime. I was told and shown things that turned out to be true. Things I should not have known. I was guided to track and clear my own energy, which healed things in my body.  I was guided to track and clear the energy of others, which healed them too.

Suddenly, my understanding of many things was blown outside the previous Catholic box I’d been utilizing previously.  And although these visions made “sense” to me, and helped me in my real life, I knew darn well they were not “normal.”  And I knew they didn’t fit in the rules of my religion.

I wanted to share the joy and usefulness of all this new stuff with all my friends!  But no one knew what I was talking about. And my Catholic friends, husband, family, and community all struggled to understand me.  As much as they loved me, they were worried for me.

I was frustrated.

“Oh great,” I thought, “now I’m going to be one of THOSE people?!!!”

I’m an avid student.  So of course I tried to study “this stuff.”  And so much of what I found sounded hokey, or cultish, or wacky, or arrogant.

“Dude.  I went to Stanford.  I need someone to explain this to me so it makes SENSE.”

But I didn’t easily find intuitive teachers who had my education, or my perspective, or my lawyer’s mind…

And I wanted an approach that was pragmatic, not woo woo.

I could sense these intuitive gifts could be USEFUL in the REAL world.

It seemed to me that too many intuitively gifted people were getting distracted and pulled out of the real world, focusing on their past lives more than their current one.

What a friggen waste.

Now I did find some great teachers and guides.  I found Maria Yraceburu who is a Native American ceremonialist, and she basically adopted me, but also told me she didn’t want to train me too much since I was already channeling my guides, and that’s kinda the whole point of “training.”  Instead, we worked together, guiding ritual, teaching classes. And I found Beatrex Quntanna who had been teaching metaphysical arts for close to 30 years. She taught me so much. And they both loved that I was all about the real world, wanting to keep it pragmatic and make sense of things from a new language.  They listened to me as much as I listened to them.

But I also figured out my own ways to go about managing my Channel.  I organized my Spirit Guides into sort of corporate departments to help me in different areas of my life.  I allowed through me a voice of feminine genius that I called YoniSpeak, to teach me and others about the feminine ways of creating in the world.  As I trained other women in the arts of channeling, I mapped out the pathways of initiation that we all seem to be guided through as we open to this natural art.  And I ended up teaching all over the place, helping guide experiences that opened channels… in Europe as well as the US, but especially in Northern and Southern California. I did it my own way.  I channeled it. And I let my teachers keep me in integrity as I developed my own way.

Now, I share the system and map I’ve developed that makes sense of Channeling, especially with other intellectuals who are accidentally awakening intuitively.  And I do it like my teachers did. I share the map. And I share support. I guide. I channel. And I listen. Because my students are channels too. And when they grow beyond me, I celebrate.  Because now, these days, in this chaotic rapidly changing world, I want one thing. I want our leaders to be Channels of Genius, who work together and co-create the innovative inspiring solutions to this world’s problems.  Because it’s not about me. It’s about the Genius that is waiting to Channel through ALL of us when we finally get the heck out of the way.

Thank you to Clarise for  being my can opener. She is now 18 years old.  And she is a Channel of Genius. She takes great pride in the fact that her birth blew me open.

What is opening your channel these days?

What do you need to open it further?

Comment below and let us know.

When Dad Thought I was Nuts

I was taking a walk with my dad, and when he said it, I remember my belly swam with creepy tingles. It was a super strange sensation.  And I don’t know how else to describe it. It was one of those moments where you think “Could this really be happening to me? Is this still real life?  Or am I dreaming?”

What had he said?

He had said, “Honey, your mom and I are concerned about you with all this shamanic stuff.  You’ve changed so much, so fast. We are concerned that you might be experiencing a chemical imbalance.  It’s possible you may have “masked depression” which is when you are chemically depressed, but you appear like someone very happy.  There’s a blood test to see if you might have it. We want you to take a blood test, because perhaps there’s a medication that can help you.”

Creepy tingles.  Cold sweat. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day in a cheery suburb near the beach in San Diego.  

“Dad, do you mean you and mom are worried I might be crazy?”

“Well, your mom is worried you might need an exorcism….”

Even though this was my beloved dad – the guy who had originally taught me about mysticism, about going into nature to find God, and about always questioning reality….  I had a strange sensation that I was about to be tied to a stake and burned as a witch.

I think I laughed a nervous “are you freaking kidding me” kind of laugh.  But I was scared. And he was serious. He was worried about me. He was worried for my kids.  He had no frame of reference for my swift and strong intuitive awakening.

I hadn’t even tried to hide it from my folks.  To me the change had felt strange but natural inside myself.  Like a homecoming. A relief. But to the outer world, I had changed, and I was, well, weird!    I was suddenly talking to Spirit Guides. I was giving intuitive energy healing sessions that helped people feel better, even though I hadn’t trained in those arts.  I was drumming, and journeying, and then knowing things that I “shouldn’t” be able to know.

In short, I had (accidentally) become an open channel.

I had not studied HOW to do all this stuff.  It was flowing through me. And it was a big change.

Of course my folks would be concerned.

Of course they would go looking for answers among the world they knew.

Of course they wanted me to go back to “normal” for safety’s sake.


Because our culture doesn’t talk about this stuff enough.

Enough, I say.

Channeling is our birthright.  When we are open, working within our gifts, we do great things. Even kids.  And this is our natural state until our creative flow gets shut down, often in school or as a kid.

Channeling is our brilliance.  When you are doing what you do best, with the full support of your loving community, you do your best work.  You’re in the flow. That’s when you are most Genius.

Channeling is power.  No one person is powerful.  But that which flows through us in our best moments… that is Power.  And when we devote ourselves to the highest power – to doing only good in the world – then we tap the Power on High that we are all made from.  We tap the creator and creative power itself. We tap the Source of all Genius.

That’s why I call us Channels of Genius.

That’s why I’m devoted to reclaiming this word Channel… Channeling…

It’s not just a religious thing, or a woo thing, or an esoteric thing.

It’s natural.

“Make me a Channel of Your Peace.”

It’s what we ARE.  It’s what we need to become, to achieve our full potential.

And that’s why I’m devoted to reclaiming this word Genius…

It’s not a type of person.

It’s the Unique Brilliance that flows through ALL of us.

When we open.

When we align.

When we get the heck out of the way.

We Channel Genius.

My goal?

I empower leaders to activate as Channels of Genius.

If you are a creative leader, who is opening intuitively, who is noticing that your genius flows when you are open to BOTH sides of your mind – your intuitive side AND your intellectual side…

Then I’m here to help YOU.

I’m going to tell you more stories from this part of my life over the next week or so.

But I want you to know…

It has been almost 20 years since Dad and I took that walk together.

And now…

I’m working professionally as an Intuitive Strategist, bridging the worlds of business and intuition.

I’m paid thousands of dollars per hour by some of the world’s leading innovators in Silicon Valley and beyond to…

wait for it…

to Channel.


Because I’ve spent the last 20 years understanding what Channeling truly is.

I’ve helped thousands of people around the world claim their own gifts and abilities to Channel their Genius.

And when I open my Channel of Genius, I connect the wisdom of heaven and earth to give advice that makes people big money, that identifies future trends, and that Sees people so deeply that they come alive in their own Gifts.

And it’s not ME.

It’s the Genius that I’ve learned to allow to flow THROUGH me.

Because I’m a Channel.

And so are you.

Stay tuned.

More is coming.

And please,  please, keep Channeling Your Genius.



P.S.  My dad is now my biggest supporter.  He always was, actually. It took a few years for both of us to develop a common language to understand Channeling, and to understand my intuitive awakening.  He’s a proof-is-in-the-pudding person – like me. And when he saw how my life shifted over time, how I became more empowered, more confident, and more kind… how my kids and my home all improved over time with me holding my power… how many people I was able to help and heal and empower through my work… he knew the pudding was good, and he embraced me in all of it.  Explaining all of this inner process to my Dad was one of the ways I developed my new Channel Your Genius system and program. It’s time for this culture to develop new language, new systems, and new understanding of these things. And that’s why I do what I do. So I want to thank my dad, the retired Judge, the Christian mystic, the brilliant channel of wisdom, for testing me and supporting me through ALL of this life, in all the ways he knew how.

Marketing the Divine Feminine

Deep Feminine Power. Connection.  Meaning.  Sensuality. Healing. Holding. Sacred circle.

These are not likely the first things you think about when you think about “marketing.”

Yet that’s what we need more of in the world, right now.  Don’t we?

And if you’re a feminine leader… you might feel like “words fail you” in describing your work. You’re not alone.

You can listen to Laura Swan, Women’s Transformational Coach and leader of hundreds in women’s circles, talk about this here:

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When you do deep feminine work, holding space for women’s circles, for profound transformation, for divine feminine power… adding some cheezy marketing language, or NLP-driven manipulation, or pushy pressuring BS, just feels like a big inappropriate desecration.

That’s why I love helping Divine Feminine leaders create a Quiz that tickles the fancy of the women longing for the work, without pushing pressuring or tweaking them.  A  Quiz Funnel meets women just where they’re at, connecting with them on what matters, validating them in their needs and desires, and inviting them gently into taking the next step for  themselves.

Connecting. Flirting.  Playing. Laying the Truth Bare. Holding. Inviting.

This is what Marketing does if it is grounded in Divine Feminine principles.

Take Laura’s Feminine Power Archetype Quiz here now.

NOTE: *** You don’t HAVE to spend several thousand $$ to have ME make your quiz for you! *** Laura didn’t!  She got ONE session with some training.  And she created this thing on her own!

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“Choke back those tears,” she said.

I was seven years old, and I’d been drawing a beautiful mural on the wall of my bedroom. With crayon. I was ecstatic with my work of art.

As a child who was always supported to be artistic, it didn’t occur to me that my mom would not want my crayon masterpiece all over the wall. But when she walked into my room, her whole body went rigid and she yelled at me, as she started to do that panic-y breath thing we all do when we are afraid or overwhelmed. “What have you DONE!? Your father will be home any minute?” Her voice went up high in pitch like a squeal at the end of her sentence.

And little 6 year old me – I was standing there shocked into silence, because I hadn’t seen this one coming! And then the cries of anguish escaped my lips… I was wailing – my shock, my horror, my shame, my confusion – it was all wailing through me.

And then we both heard it – the automatic garage door going up. Dad was home. Home from a long day at work as a district attorney. And the one thing he really needed when he got home was some quiet time to arrive and relax. Mom looked at me with wild open eyes, and a tight set jaw.

“You stop crying right NOW,” she said. “You have nothing to cry about. I’m going to have to clean this up. This is the last thing I need right now. Your dad is coming in here, and he is not going to like this. So you suck up those tears right now. Stop it. Stop.”

“Choke back those tears. Choke them back.”

And I remember the feeling of “choking” back tears. I shut my throat hard. I set my own jaw in tension, like hers. And I pouted. Lower lip out. Eyes downcast. I collapsed on my bed in a small heap, feeling very sad.

My throat burned.

I heard dad come through the front door and drop his keys on the side table. I heard his briefcase drop on the floor. I heard him greet my mom. I heard her weeping to him that she’s just had a hard time with me. He comforted her, and then they were in the kitchen, bustling around.

No one came for me right away. But I stayed quiet. And eventually, I was summoned to my dad, and he gave me “the talk.” He explained why I couldn’t draw on the walls. He explained why mom was upset. He told me all the consequences of my actions. He honestly did a great job of explaining. And I stayed quiet, sullen, and downcast. I kept pouting. And my throat kept burning.

I can still feel the burn in my throat from times like these.
And I know that they are pretty “normal” among all of us.
And these lessons are important useful lessons – how to behave and all.

But this week’s Genius Experiment, and the experiments coming up over the next few weeks, offer the best tools I know to open the throat for full expression again.

Because these old ouches are still stuck in the throat of all of us.
Yet there are simple ways to clear them out, to release the tension, and to reclaim the power of your voice.

In just one minute, you can gently massage your throat in a way that releases a lot of old tension that you don’t even realize is there!

Check out this week’s Genius Experiment to open your voice, calm your nerves, and relax tension away – it’s free and takes less than one minute

Speaker? You Need a Quiz.

If you’re a SPEAKER – that is if you’re a coach or teacher or thought leader who appears on radio shows, podcasts, Facebook Lives, and stages big and small – your own events or someone else’s…

You need to make a QUIZ.

Oh yes.

A Quiz is what you need…

Here’s why.

People might be rapt and interested when they’re listening to you. But you won’t have ongoing connection with them unless they OPT IN for something. And these days, people are tired of the old “opt-in to get this free blueprint/notes/map/video/e-book” thingie. We are overwhelmed. We are inundated with dang emails.  We don’t want any more thingies.  We want experiences. We want contact.

HOWEVER… if during your talk, you engage the audience with a short quiz – the kind of fun picture based quiz that they can do in 2 minutes DURING your talk as part of the experience of your talk… not only do you get way MORE opt-ins. You also get people who are interested in you. And if the quiz itself has one or two “secret” questions that determine whether this person is a perfect fit to work more with you… well, then you’ve also got an effortless list of ideal clients.

And if the quiz has a follow-up survey for those ideal-seeming clients only, now you’ve got a funnel that automatically identifies, connects with, and educates your perfect clients towards a sale – before you’ve even had to spend one minute with them.  Now THOSE are the peeps you want to hop on the phone with!

Yay!  A smart quiz funnel that attracts, identifies and engages your perfect clients!  BOOM!

  • No more cajoling audiences to PLEASE opt-in from your talk  – they will all WANT to take your fun quiz.
  • No more boring consult calls with people who are obviously not your ideal clients.
  • No more saying the same dang things over and over to individuals in useless consult calls.

A strategically designed quiz funnel can do the work for you.

Here’s a free training that teaches you how:

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Christine Whitmarsh
Mellissa is an awesome spiritual creative superpower!

I call her a Conduit of Creativity.

She has a unique and almost mystifying way of channeling your purpose, your gift and your niche and explaining how they work together in synchronicity.

She makes sense of spirituality (so you can make a profit with it).
I highly recommend working with her.

- Christine Whitmarsh,
CEO & Founder, Christine Ink