Three Website Copy Mistakes That Drive Your Clients Away

Attention creative intuitive amazing entrepreneurs…


Stop making websites with copy (words) that drive your best clients away.

Here’s how.

1. CLARITY – Show the Value of your work clearly as a SYSTEM, using Magic Words.

  • If you have confusing words on your site, people will BOUNCE.
  • If you keep it all too general, people will SNOOZE.
  • If you make it about you, people will FLEE.

Most Home Pages (even of really smart gifted people) don’t make any dang sense.

Or they’re too general, and all about the entrepreneur, and not about the CLEAR benefit of their services.

Here’s an example.

Madeleine Silva is a business genius.  But her website was not getting any traction.

And cause she’s awesome, she’s letting me share with you about it’s transformation.

So you can learn from it too.

Before we fixed her home page copy, it said this:

Madeleine’s old copy:
“You’re an expert at your trade but you struggle with the business side of things. You’re not sure if you’re spending your time on the right things to make the most impact in your business. You feel overwhelmed and maxed out working long hours in your business. And even though you built a successful business you’re still not living the full potential of your entrepreneurial vision. You often times feel alone trying to figure it all out and you wish you had someone who could help you make running your business easier.

This is why you need Freedom Switch! “

Ok.  Um. 

The first part sounds kinda general, right? 

Obviously she’s some kind of business helper coach, we guess.

But then it ends with a big question mark…

I mean,

What’s a Freedom Switch????????

I dare say you might bounce right off of this home page if you happened upon it.

You’re too busy for stuff that doesn’t grab you right away.

You’re not going to spend $$$ on stuff that doesn’t seem clear.

And neither are your clients.

So what did we do to fix it?

We focused on her unique SYSTEM and the results and value of her support.


Her previous word had been “Freedom Switch” but what does that mean?

Well, we drilled it down to 5 types of business freedom:

1. Vacation-Freedom – Ability to schedule and enjoy vacations without losing business or having to put out fires long-distance.

2. Team-Freedom – Confidence your team has your back, so you can have a life. 

3. Profits-Freedom – Steady profit stream you can count on, in a system where you always know what’s happening with the money. 

4. Service-Freedom – So you can spend all your time supporting your people in ways you love. 

5. Legacy-Freedom – Knowing that when it’s time, you can sell your practice to the right people at a price that allows you a lucrative legacy. 

Now her website is yummy.



“Before I had the copy writing session with Mellissa my website copy was more copy cat than a genuine message from me. After she helped me with my home page and about page it feels like there is now a direct line between my heart and my client’s. Mellissa’s genius is distilling your message so that your essence can shine through.”  – Madeleine Silva



Ok, ready for the SECOND mistake everyone seems to make with website copy?

2.  Connect DEEPLY – write from your VOICE of EXPERIENCE. 

I see this all the time.  Especially on the “About us” page.  You think people care about your feelings, your details, your life that much?  Not really.

When you talk about YOU on your website (your training, your certifications, your story) you might lose your clients right away because it’s supposed to be all about THEM.

This is a fine distinction.

Because you DO want to talk about your story and self. 

But you need to do it as a Voice of Experience – an ALLY who understands your client from the inside out.

Let me show you the tricks to doing this using a dear client of mine…

Let’s use Edie Hoppin’s website as an example (yes she’s letting me share this)

Edie’s old about page did what most About pages do.  It talked about her – a general description of her background, her training, her kudos.  It was pretty good.  But it didn’t make people fall in love with her.

“in my late 20s, I experienced weight gain, digestive problems, and fatigue.  I was also having extreme allergies like Hay Fever.  In 1999 i was advised to make a dramatic change, and try eating a gluten-free diet…. With the help of a health coach, “

Honestly, this is not bad.  It talks about her experience.  But it’s descriptive.  It’s not coming from her VOICE of experience.  The Voice of Experience sounds like a friend sharing a secret.  It shows the client immediately that this expert is an insider who’s been there, and can commiserate and understand with compassion…

Here’s what we did with Edie’s About page…

When I was first diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, even though I’m a pretty smart chick, I suddenly felt like an idiot.  I’d been poisoning myself without even knowing it. 
I hate feeling like an idiot.
I wanted to become a virtuoso of delicious gluten-free food as fast as possible.  And that’s hard to do without help…

Do you hear the difference in the tone?

Who here has ever felt like an IDIOT when you finally understand the root of your health problem, but then have to make lifestyle changes you’re clueless about?  Everyone.

So see how the key here is to speak to your client as if you are having a glass of wine together, and you’re revealing how you felt when you were in their shoes.  THAT’s how you connect.  That’s a first date.  That’s how you plant the seeds of a deeper connection.


After a session with Mellissa, my site has now had the makeover of my dreams. 
Her magic ability to see through the
clutter and highlight the gems has not only clarified the message for my clients, but given me a better
way to talk about my business.

Now, visiting my own site feels refreshing makes me happy. It is the professional face I want to present to the world. Mellissa helped me to create a site that has a clear message, calls to action, and just the right balance of serious message and the fun of my personality. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to benefit from Mellissa’s particular brand of copywriting genius.  Truly Priceless.  – Edie Hoppin


And now let’s talk about the third big mistake you might be making…

3. Build TRIBE:  From Manic Mumbo Jumbo to MANIFESTO

Websites are boring.

Movements are fun.

If you are passionate about the WHY of your work,  others will be too.

So if possible, clarify what is your Manifesto – what are the commitments and values that power up your work?

When I work with someone on website copy, I try to mine the content to create a passionate fun Manifesto. 

Michelle Cordero is letting me share the before and after of her Manifesto… want to hear about it?

Ok, so before we fixed it, her Manifesto landed with a thud.  It sounded like the 20 commandments instead of like something as sexy and empowering and juicy as Michelle herself is…

It looked like this:

But by the time we got done with it, it became a real MOVEMENT, with a PLEDGE that had us hooting and hollering and getting all worked up in a real good way. 😉

Witness the birth of the Act My Age Pledge:

For women who are turning 50 soon, and who refuse to stop being a rockstar.

She’s facing brutal options – and she may be tempted by plastic surgery, forced knee-ruining over-exercise, pushy cross-fit that herniates discs, or extreme brutal diets that don’t really nourish her soul.

But she’s got another option that no one’s talking about.  Age Defiance!

*Act my Age Movement*

There is a global LIE afoot that is ruining the world.

It is the LIE that my Age defines me.

I’m expected to act my age in this fake “production” of this culture’s story.

I’m expected to give up – to get quiet, invisible, and sick.

I will not play this role.

I will not Act my Age.

I pledge to improvise my life, fully embodied, as the wise hottie that I AM.


I, as a women facing 50, pledge that I refuse to Act my Age

In a culture that says this is my final act, and it’s all about slowing down, giving up, and watching the world go by.

Fuck. That.

I choose to remain sexy, powerful, and relevant.

What do you think of that, Hm?

Isn’t that freakin SEXAY???

What might your manifesto be?  I could help you download that…


It’s not just writing copy – Mellissa helped me go inside to recognize my own gifts and how to share them with the world. I have always had a tendency to play small out of fear. I’m still processing a lot as I work on my new business offerings. Now when I get overwhelmed or feel like quitting, I read the copy Mellissa wrote for me. 
After she helped me create my home page and about page, I could see how to get where I want to be.  Because of this clarity Mellissa provided, I am finally launching the business of my dreams.
– Michelle Cordero

So let’s talk about YOU now…

  • I bet you’ve got a sexy Manifesto in there just waiting to be born.
  • I bet with my help you could have a clear SYSTEM that makes sense of your sacred work.
  • I bet I could help you write your story in a way that has clients falling in love with the REAL you.

Even if you’re awesome at helping others with marketing copy, I bet you need some freakin help on yours.

If so, you can get my help at a great deal right now, if you’re one of the first 10 people to say YES to awesome compelling revealing web copy that will do the work for you…  As long as you already have a solid biz niche, and you know who you’re serving, we can write you some kick-asssss copy for your site that will finally make sense and make money.

>>> Grab one of the 10 spots to have me write your web copy for and with you <<<

** Danger: Rant Addendum – And don’t come crying to me in a year when that fancy website you just spent 5-10k on isn’t bringing you any real dang paying clients.  Cause here I am offering you the magic support you need.  You might need to get over your ego, your “oh I’ve already spent too much on this dang site” story, and your “I need to do everything myself, Master Messenger Mellissa” arrogance and finally get the support you need to go out there, attract your perfect clients, and make some bucks. 😉  We need you out in the world, being understood, respected, and paid, Gorgeous. 

So take me up on this offer. 

Here’s to you, Living Your Genius,


P.S. If you haven’t already noticed, once you have the MAGIC words you need for your website, you kinda have the MAGIC words you use for EVERYthing in your biz – your promises, your description, your answer to “what do you do?”  It only takes me an hour to download TONS Of magic words for you, assuming you already know who you’re here for and what you’re helping them with.  If you still don’t really know your niche (what you do best and for whom and the promises) then I’ve got another session where we can download all of that ALSO!  Just ask me.  OR if you know you just need better words for website and more, grab one of the 10 spots now.

The Source of Your Genius…

Your gut feeling, your primal instinct, your spidey-sense, the quiet voice in your head… when you’ve followed this wisdom, you’ve made great decisions. Am I right?

If you have found any measure of success in life, I bet you can attribute it to following your gut, your instinct, your intuition, in addition to doing what made sense.

But you didn’t learn how to have an inner voice in school, did you?

I didn’t.  Well, except for maybe my Improv class at Stanford. Thanks Professor Ryan! 😉

But really, school might have made it harder to hear that intuitive knowing, drowning it out with louder voices of logical, analytics, and rational thinking.  Even if you went to design school, you may have found that the structure of classes, labs, and tests left little room or invitation for the muse you were there to tap.

Yet life has proven it to us over and over again, right?

Great ideas arrive in their own timing.

The brain is terrific at solving problems.

But creative innovative ideas come of their own accord, seemingly unbidden.

[Yet below I’m going to challenge that assumption… heehee]

Let me ask you this…

Are you an innovator?  Have you had truly unique ideas land in your mind?

And where have your best innovations really been born?

  • Have you ever had an idea arrive while you were in the shower, a fun idea that left you scrambling all wet and dripping for a pen and paper to write it down before you forgot it?
  • Have you ever had a brilliant idea arrive in that liminal space between waking and sleeping, where you felt you were slipping between the worlds, and catching a glimpse of what is most clear and potent?
  • Have you ever stood gazing in awe at a scene of natural beauty, and suddenly felt a big A-HA come over you like a wind, gifting you with a realization or idea that was grander than anything you ever could have thought before?

YES.  I bet you have.

Now here’s what really intrigues me.

People talk about these moments as if they are completely mysterious, unbidden, uncontrollable.

But I don’t believe that.

In fact, since I accidentally went from a litigation attorney to a highly-intuitive person in 2000, I’ve been mapping this stuff out.

And I’ve been helping “normal” smart professional folks to cultivate their own intuitive connection, so they can truly channel their genius.

Of course there is a system for tapping intuitive power – for Channeling Your Genius.

So why aren’t people doing this stuff?

Maybe it’s because we’ve forgotten what our Genius really is.

So I created a cool Assessment to show you What Type of Genius are you.  You can take that here.

It’s not a total mystery.  We’ve just forgotten.

Truth is, shamanicly-inclined indigenous cultures made a science of tapping the mystery of the muse long ago.  This is not new information.  I’ve just been reorganizing the essential steps for my own modern use, and to share with other modern folk.

I call it the art of incarnating into your Genius.

It’s not being stuck in the head.  It’s allowing Genius to flow through you.  It’s walking the talk of your own wisdom.

I don’t think there’s any higher Calling than to become your own Genius Incarnate.

If you agree, I invite you to take this cool quiz/assessment I created.  It’s new.

It will show you what kind of Genius you have.

Genius Incarnate Assessment

I believe that Genius is sourced mystically, whether you wait around for it to come and grab you, or whether you intelligently collaborate with the mystic source itself, creating systems and ways to tap those great ideas at will.

In fact, the definition of Genius springs from the Roman and Greek concepts of the Genii –  our benevolent personal guardian spirit – coming through us to do great things.

Makes me wonder if the accelerated periods of cultural advancement in the Greek and Roman times were perhaps due to the fact that the most tuned-in leaders of the time were striving to connect with their Genii – downloading Genius consciously, and channeling it for change.

I don’t know about you, but this Genii thing has been my experience.  Moments of Genius feel like something bigger than me, a spirit of wisdom, is flowing through me, and gracing me with great ideas and clarity.

Do you know what I’m talking about here?

So why the heck are we not talking about this more?

Why is it relegated to woo-woo and religion and kind of brushed under the carpet?

I’m not sure why we’re not talking about this sourcing thing.  It seems like the best stuff ever to me.

Even Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (great read BTW) talks about the arrival of the Idea as a magical mysterious moment that cannot be predicted, controlled, or invited.

But as I was reading that in her book I found myself getting all fired up.  I was wigging and jumping around, all frustrated like a kid in a class who knows an answer that’s not even in the textbook yet.

“Teacher, Teacher!!!” I wanted to scream…

I wanted to say “YES we CAN invite that moment.  YES we can increase the frequency of a-ha moments.  YES we are stewards of sourcing these great ideas – not just hapless receivers waiting for the miracle to take us!!!”

My journey from lawyer to intuitive has been all about mapping this path, about helping others tap that source without feeling crazy, about bridging the worlds in a way that is non-religious and ultimately accessible.

Oh crap, I thought.  I need to write a book.  I need to teach this stuff.

Because apparently, people don’t know.  And they need to.

So take my Genius Incarnate Assessment if you’re curious what kind of Genius you are. 

Because I’m testing you right now.  If you care about your Genius, I figure you’ll want to take this Assessment.  And if you take this assessment, you’ll get goodies from me to help you open your can of whoop-ass genius in this world.

See, you guys, I dream of a world where our leaders are not clueless, hapless sods hoping and praying for an answer to come down from the heavens. 

I want to participate in giving conscious leaders, innovators, and creative types the tools to march right up to the heavens, create some intelligent connections and systems for communication, and then download the best inspired ideas directly from that source, to create the dang solutions to the world’s problems – swiftly, elegantly, miraculously.

I want to collaborate with a community of leaders who all share this devotion to sourcing great ideas that will do good in the world. I want to see leaders aligned with the highest intentions, and therefore unafraid to partner with the highest sources of intelligence.   

I am willing to devote my life to our smartest people tapping their truest brilliance, and then embodying their gifts fully to become Genius Incarnate.

So get ready.  I’m creating something.

And if you want to be a part of this, then go take this assessment I created.

Genius Assessment is here – it will take 10 min to find out what kind of Genius you are.

This is like the BETA version.

But it will show you what kind of Genius you are.

Creative?  Visionary?  Integrative?  Carnal?

You have genius.  Let’s find out what kind.

And I figure those who take this Assessment are the early adopters.  So you’ll get some extra love from me. 

Because I’m here for the action-takers.

I’m here for the innovators.

I’m here for those who are ready to KNOW their Genius, and to LIVE it in the world as Genius Incarnate.

This world needs us channeling our genius now.

What do you think about all this?  Leave me a comment below…

The Guy who showed me the Awakened Masculine

I was supposed to be holding it all together. But I had tears streaming down my face, even though I was co-leading a meditation event.  I was at that snotty messy sobbing phase, too.  It was not just the pretty tear-trickle kind of crying appropriate for awakened folks in meditation.  It was the “OMG I’m losing it in front of these 60 people” kind of crying.  I was upset about something that had happened right before the event.  And of course breath work brought it right to the surface.  And my choice in that moment was to let it come.  So I was broken open up there on the little stage.  And I must admit, most people didn’t notice.  They were involved in their own journey.

But there was one guy, sitting solid in himself, grounded in his hips, strong and awake and present and kind.  And he was gazing back at me with soft gentle laser blue eyes, and a relaxed face.  He grinned softly in such a way that I melted.  I knew I was safe.  It was his presence.  It was big.  Like even from 20 feet away, he was holding me in a big brother embrace that was completely safe.

That is my first memory of really meeting Jim Benson.

Yes, I’d heard about him.  He was a good friend of most of my best friends.  He’d been traveling the world teaching sacred sexuality, and studying sacred relationship arts, for years.  He was known to be an entertaining teacher and a goof – kinda like me.

But that moment, when his masculine totally held my feminine in my vulnerable state – that was when I really MET Jim Benson.

Years later, I was present for the birth of his child, as his wife Jess and I had become really close friends.  And I got to see Jim show up as a new father, broken open and vulnerable, and still strong and so so kind through the entire transformative experience.

Yes, I’ve seen Jim Benson walk his talk for many years.

And if you’ve ever tried to study sexuality, you know how freakin’ rare it is to find someone who is an expert in that area, and still holds deep integrity.  I mean, this guy is precious. 

Here are a few things I’ve learned from Jim Benson:

  • Men care as much as women do about love, sex, and being true.
  • Integrity in male sexuality is not just possible – it’s the highest expression of male power.
  • Men can have multiple orgasms too- they just need to learn how.

Now that I’m a single gal, meeting and dating guys, I have more appreciation than ever for Jim’s gifts in this world.  I really feel for my brothers out there.  What a ton of heavy responsibility and pressure you all carry.  And I want more men to have this info, so I can date them.  Hehe.

If you are a man who wants to learn from Jim, or if you’re a woman who wants to encourage a man to learn from Jim, there’s a great opportunity coming up.

Power and wisdom manifests when a group of conscious men gathers with a clear intention. 

>>> He’s doing a one-of-a-kind intensive – his Boot Camp Weekend. <<<

I wish I was a guy so I could go.  That’s how good this thing is.

Since I’m a gal, please go for me. 🙂

The great price ends soon, and you should grab a spot while it’s still available. 🙂

Let me know how it goes for you.

And let him know that Mellissa Seaman sent you.  Cause he loves the people I send!

The Secret Reason Intuitives suddenly struggle to create wealth when they “wake up.”

One of my clients, Jennifer, was a financial strategist.  I mean she is a super smarty-pants person.  She was living in this amazing condo with cream colored furniture and carpet.  Classy.  She never had an issue with money.

Then, one day, she felt a Calling.  She began taking energy healing classes and developed her gift.  She went from Reiki to Quantum to Spiritual Touch to other juju stuff that works like a charm.  Super powerful gifted healer.  She kept her day job, while she developed her biz.

But at the same time as her intuitive gifts developed, her money dropped fast.

Why was it so hard to be intuitive, spiritual, and gifted – and still have wealth?

She was studying marketing. She had a coach (not me at that time BTW ;).  In fact, she spent close to $100,000 of her savings trying to learn how to market her energy healing work.  And none of it worked for her.

It was almost like something was “against” her doing this work…

Now, I must say, this was really ringing a bell for me.  When I first had my intuitive awakening, after having been a Catholic lawyer for all my life, my first inclination was to create a biz plan for this new way of being.  But I felt blocked.  I couldn’t do it.  And later, when I finally studied marketing, I was amazed at how hard “business” had become even though I’d previously been a business attorney!

Anyway, back to Jennifer…

She exhibited many of the same blocks that I see over and over with Intuitive people – even the smartest most powerful intuitive people!  She resisted doing the work to become known in the world.  People complained about her prices (even though she was charging way too little).  She would strangely sabotage her own efforts to make money. And she was really struggling to draw clients.

Like I had been, she was embarrassed.  I mean, here she was a financial business person and no matter how much she learned, how much she tried, how many strategies she implemented, she could not find success.

When she came to me, she was deeply suspicious.  But her gut told her to try me – to trust me.  I told her about my own story, and how embarrassed I had felt when I had to integrate the intuitive world with the biz strategy.  She listened and laughed with me, knowing she was not alone.  And then she trusted me.

And I took her through a series of clearings and trainings that get intuitive people unstuck in business.

And it worked.

Actually, it pretty much always works.

And it’s the same dang sequence of clearings and trainings.

It’s kinda like I cracked the code of the main blocks intuitives need to clear in order to make moolah.

Can I tell you about a resource I have for you now?  And then give you a gift of a whopper deal?

See, I put these things together in a home-study course – the main clearings and tools and tricks that intuitives need to pass through in order to make money.

It’s my Mystery School for Business Success, and instead of charging $2,000 for it like my coach told me to, I sold it for $797.  And these targeted video clearings and trainings – the magic keys – have been changing lives.

Want it?  For like half price?  OK.  Today only.

See, I just moved into a magical forest house (seriously), and I’m feeling like sharing the love.

So just for like 24 hours – you can get $400 off this course, using the coupon code MAGICAL, making it a measly $397 for the most essential clearings and training you need to get past these blocks as an intuitive person.

Time is running out, though.

So if you want this amazing deal…

>>> Go Get It NOW, Silly! Remember, to use the coupon code: MAGICAL <<<



PS If you try 3 clearings, and don’t feel the results, I’ll totally give you your money back.  This stuff works.  So there’s no risk to you!  >>>Yay!  Go get it! It’s MAGICAL!<<<

I need your help to make this thing

So many people are encouraging me to create a program to serve the super-sensitive gifted Dragon Kids – the Soul Gifted Kids that we know need our help to grow up to be leaders and innovators as is their destiny.

Because of all this support, I’m going for it!  With your support, I’m creating a program for Dragon Kids and the Adults who Love Them!  Yay!

>>> But I need your help – please would you take 4 mins to answer these 4 types of questions? <<<

I don’t want to create something that won’t help.  I really want to give this community what is most useful.

>>> Please do me a favor and answer these few questions for me – it means a lot to me! <<<

So many of you have written that you WANT to help the sensitive gifted kids get the simple clear support they need to avoid feeling devastated, judged, and put down.

>>> Here’s a simple step to take now to help the Dragon Kids – give me your answers! <<<

I really appreciate you being on this journey with me!



P.S. – This program is shaping up so beautifully with feedback from lots of you amazing folks.  I just need these few targeted questions answered, and then I can invite you to participate in this project at a couple of different levels – look for my post on this Friday or Saturday with the invite!

Community Responses on Dragon Kids

I sent out an email a few days ago on the topic of our sensitive gifted kids, and invited responses…

The community responded!  And here’s some of the collective wisdom on the topic, all of which is going into creating the program for the Dragon Kids and their parents, which I’m still putting the finishing touches on…

Here’s what we say…

What’s important?

  • creating space for kids to thrive and feel “free” with their gifts
  • showing the parents that it’s all OK and teaching them how to hold that space
  • teaching kids to be respectful of other kids’ gifts too
  • a foundational reinvention of the current *cultural* narrative.
  • protection while they’re small – like a walled garden
  • respect for nature, for self, for others
  • healing the shame of being different
  • teaching them resilience
  • teaching parents to tune in with all realms of existence
  • energetic awareness as part of essential education
  • Validation of their words and needs and songs and emotions
  • teach them to listen to their ‘good sense’  and what their feeling body is saying rather than their mind
  • a Hogwarts school for sensitive intuitive kids
  • affirmation that they are loved and we think they are awesome
  • rituals and sacred space. Kids and adults need both of those to thrive. A safe place to explore and understand the invisible world.
  • Parenting kids to succeed in this world while keeping their spiritual gifts and abilities intact

And here are some snippets from the incredible array of passionate stories I received back from parents and others who care about our Dragon kids, the soul-gifted sensitive little ones…

“I’m a former magical kid myself. My light got shuttered a long time ago and I work a corporate job to make lots of $$$ that I dislike in order to have enough $$$ to create a shield wall for my kids. But I know I am setting a bad example by doing this.

“Until I learn how to recover and rekindle and shield my own light, my own energy – I’m not going to do a very good job of teaching my kids. This is what I want to learn for myself, so I can teach them how to do it. So much of parenting is leading by example, as you know.”

I think the best way that we can support these kids is to be active role models and mentors for them. So, they can see what weird magic adults look like, sound like, act like and are successful like…”

“I was wearing my 7-chakra pendant the other day and a 12-year old boy pointed at it and said, “cool.”  And English is not his first language.”

I cried after I read your email because it was a relief to realize there is someone else who is deeply affected and concerned about the fact that sensitive children are simply not valued or understood. Traditional schools do not recognize or nurture them, and humanity is missing out big time because of society’s failure to notice and take action to foster the growth of these gifted children.”

“Your message left me in tears, which are still lining my eyes as I try to type.  For what exactly, I’m not sure. Maybe it stirs memories of being bullied at that age myself. Or just knowing the heartache that a fellow sensitive soul must have felt being cut down like that. It’s not fair!  It’s not right!”“I also saw things that others didn’t see as a child. I had energy friends that I now recognize were/are pure, living prana but they played with me. Here I am 56 years later just finding out that I still have access on that level. Often times, I was shamed for being different and shut down my life force energy just like that little boy. I saw, I felt, I smelled, I encountered what others did not and on some level it has made me a hermit and a loner because I rarely met people I could share it all with.”

“I cry with you.  I was a kid who got shut down with seeing colors, playing in the trees with fairies, and then they were all gone…it is real, the invisible world, that they are not crazy, they have a gift and a secret world that others are missing out on.”

“I get it. It was moving to me and now I’m all emotional.  I have a 7 year old and I worry about this exact thing. I was a weirdo kid lol and I see my son, he’s a gentle, gifted little guy. I also noticed many of the kids I see at this age are as well.  I feel like they’re going to change the world but they do need help and guidance.”

“I was born and raised in Croatia, where everything was not so readily available, although we did not miss anything, and were kids are loved and imagination was encouraged. Living in America since 89, in today’s Internet and cell phones world I am worried too.”

“I have a toddler daughter at home. I’m first starting with allowing myself to play, imagine, and be weird, because she’ll be watching me. I notice and make an effort to drop my guards, normalcy, some fears, and gosh – even gender bias – to allow her to play, make a mess, to be wild, to let her be.”

“We need to hold space for the children, lift them when they fall. But I do think adults need this permission and nudge to be playful and weird too.”

“As a grandmother of 4 fascinating little (and not so little) ones, I’ve observed similar incidents and also the painful assimilation of the magical kids into “normalcy”. However, I do see that, like you and me, the magic will return to these kids. We need to do what we can to support them by taking the stands you suggest.”

“We can do so much damage to dreamers, creatives, empaths, and others who are in any way more fragile than the world generally likes. I want to punch someone every time I hear the phrase “develop a thick skin” or “stop being so sensitive.” What if, instead, we honored that sensitivity? What if we created spaces where imagination and stories and thinking in new ways were encouraged rather than shot down? What if we saw this kind of sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness?”

“My son was very emotional at school, so I went and picked him up.  I asked him why and what was the matter.  He couldn’t give a specific reason so I pressed.  From his little 6 year old mouth he said that he didn’t feel important or special, and disappointed in himself for not playing a larger role in the world to make it better.  He said he felt that he’s a leader but nobody at school gets it and that he isn’t able to freely express himself there and be who he is.   I was so astonished and proud at the same time!!!  What 6 year old thinks this way?????  …during the election/campaign time, he was very interested in politics.  But he said to me one night when I was putting him to bed, “Mom, you know there is a new planet forming, planet love.  On planet love there will be no need for politicians and presidents because everyone will just do the right thing.  Another astonishing and proud mommy moment.  I think some of these kids may know a thing or two more than we’d give them credit for.”

Your responses – ALL of your responses – moved me.  They moved me when I received them, and I’m crying as I’m assembling this array here.  Thank you so much for sharing this passion, this devotion, and this movement.

I’m creating a program full of clearing and kid-friendly techniques that I’ve used to help  these kids immediately and profoundly.  I’ll send out more info later this week.  But if you want to be a part of this, please comment below with “I’m interested.”  Thank you.


Christine Whitmarsh
Mellissa is an awesome spiritual creative superpower!

I call her a Conduit of Creativity.

She has a unique and almost mystifying way of channeling your purpose, your gift and your niche and explaining how they work together in synchronicity.

She makes sense of spirituality (so you can make a profit with it).
I highly recommend working with her.

- Christine Whitmarsh,
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