Here’s the thing.  Trust is at an all time low.  Skepticism is high.  Cynicism is high.

Email open rates are cut in half.  Cause are overwhelmed with emails.  And we are bored with email “broadcasts” that are not really connecting with us.  We’re sick of being tricked, manipulated, and used by marketing.

Yet we still want and need to send messages to make offers, to show value, and to authentically share our work with the world.

We still need “marketing.”  We just need it in a different form.  A new form.

So what IS new and true and happening?

What still WORKS?

Here are 5 Key Qualities that marketing needs in these new times.

And guess what?  Empaths, creatives, and sensitive folk are really GOOD at this stuff!

1. Responsiveness

When I send out an email to my tribe, and someone hits “Reply” to that email, I answer them personally.  And they are always shocked.

I’m not surprised!  Most emails go out as one-way communications – impersonal, bland, and pushy.

We are all starving for a measure of responsiveness.

What can you do to create this responsiveness?

How about answering emails?  Addressing concerns?

You could literally ask people to “hit reply” and let you know what they need/want/wonder.

And, since email is so rarely responsive anymore, you may just have to pick up the phone, or try Facebook messaging, or text… or any dang way you can actually be responsive!

Hey, as a sensitive empathic type, you likely want and even NEED to converse with your tribe.  You don’t want to feel like a guru on a hill speaking into empty space.  So offer responsiveness and it’ll be a win-win for you and your peeps!

2. Specialization/Segmentation

We’re all sick of the one-size-fits-all solutions.  We want a specialized solution.  We want to feel special cause we ARE special.

I love my Soul Gift Quiz because when I know someone’s Soul Gift, I can relate with them as a gifted unique person.  Some people call this “segmentation” but it sure feels more like connection than separation!

Also, I’m a big fan of very specialized expertise.  I help people to define their unique expertise, their particular offerings, and their special business strategy that fits them to a T.  That’s because when you can be specific, and you know who exactly you’re here to help, communicating gets personal, deep, and meaningful.  Till then, you just sound like every other helper/leader/coach.  Blah.

Empaths often resist getting specific.  Cause they want to help EVERYone.  But once they do specialize, they find themselves so much more energized and inspired by their work, because it becomes personal connection – and that’s what we empaths do best!

3.  Experience

My primary coach is Marisa Murgatroyd.  I’m honored to be in a very small group of professionals that she personally guides.  And she teaches about “Experiencifying” your products.  Why?  Because experience is the only way to learn.  It’s the only way to keep people engaged.  And I totally agree.

So beyond preaching at your peeps, what experience can you invite them into?

This year (2018) I’m inviting people (including you if you wanna) into my free Genius Experiments Game – where once a week, participants get a new 5-minute experiment to try in their real life to open their channel to Genius.  It’s growing like gangbusters, and people are already reporting great results from the experiments.  Fun for me!  Fun for them!  And I give out prizes to make it extra juicy!  (You can join the Experiment game at no cost here)

We sensitives light up when we can PLAY – and we feel everything, so why not create things you can feel and experience with your tribe!

4. Purity

Be one of the good guys.

It seems good guys are few and far between in the land of marketing.  Or at least it seems that way! Most marketing messages sound kinda  pushy and rude.  Greedy.  Needy.  Even mean.

So how can you emanate the purity of your own intentions, your desire to serve, and your devotion to the Highest Good above all else?

First, you can devote yourself to the Highest Good above all else. (for reals)

Secondly, you can invoke the Invisible Team that guides you to keep you honest and on track, and to support you with miracles that benefit the goals of the higher team (and therefore your purpose)

Thirdly, you can speak with confidence and kindness, coming from this place of your devotion to serve.

Fourthly, you can create your work as something bigger – get in touch with the Movement that you are truly creating for the benefit of the world.

This is some deep stuff.  It’s devotional.  It’s magical.  And we go into it with attunements and clearings and deep sharing and pragmatic coaching in my Channel Your Genius Academy.  That’s where people get direct coaching with me, and full participation in my livestream experiences. 

Check out my Academy here – it’s less than $200/month to get my deep stuff.  Totes worth it.

Empaths need community.  You need support.  And you can find it for less than a fancy cell phone bill with me this year.  So check that out.

5. Nudity

Ooh I got your attention right?  hehe

What I mean by Nudity is this.  Take off the masks.  Take off the costumes.  Peel back that “professional voice” and get real.

We are all sick of fakey fakers.  We can see right through them.

We long for the realsy authentic peeps.  We can FEEL them.

I’m gonna keep getting naked for you people this year.  More and more.  Get ready.

How are you gonna get naked, pure, experiencified, specializing, and responsive this year?  Please comment below with one of your commitments to new paradigm marketing this year.  I want to learn from you too!