I want you to get more money from other people, OK?


So I’m going to give you the 3 Secrets of Getting Paid on a Scorpio Full Moon…

and I’m going to invite you to receive a clearing with me via video for like 85% off if you do it today

Secret #1 of 3:

It’s the good guys (like us) who are the most impacted by the Scorpio challenges to receiving other people’s money.

That’s because we are deep, and potent, and caring.  And we are afraid of becoming greedy bastards.  Dang it!  It’s holding us back. We need to clear this fear, and we need to do it now.

Because it’s the inspired entrepreneurs like you who most deserve to be paid!

Then you’ll really be free to do what your soul came here to do!  And that benefits us all.

That’s why – at this amazing Full Scorpio Moon, I want to give you super cheap access to a potent money clearing with me that’s worth $500.00 and more.  This clearing will help you finally charge what you’re really worth.

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See on Wednesday, May 10, the Full Moon is in Scorpio.  That means it’s time to clear your blocks to receiving money from other people!

Secret #2 of 3:

Scorpio limitations on charging money also affect sex, risk, and freedom.  Clear one, benefit from them all.

Scorpio rules the underworld yummy dark stuff – including sex and transformation, as well as accepting money from others.  When you have money blocks in this arena, you also have restrictions in your sexy life and your feelings of freedom!

So when you clear the blocks to receiving money from others, you’re also going to be able to receive more sexy satisfaction and free-up your pleasure in all areas.  Yum.

Your pleasure, your transformative power, your willingness to charge/receive money and your deep purpose are all connected.  As long as you’re hiding from charging what you’re worth, you’re crippling your own juicy magic.  So knock that off. 😉

Secret #3 of 3:

The way through the Scorpio blocks is to use magic.  Like what we do when we clear together, using my secret-sauce of collaborative virtual healing.

Scorpio rules magic.  So use magic to clear this crap.  Use your own magic if you wanna.  Lord Shiva knows there’s more than one way to experience a potent clearing of your blocks.



Have you experienced one of my video clearings yet?  If you have, you know that we leverage the power of not just me – but of powerful healer-participants from all over the world.  When I record a live clearing like this, we tune it to work just as powerfully as a recording.  Quantum physics tells us that there is no such thing as time or space.  So, we leverage the group outside the limitations of time and space.  With our intention, we create the effect of a potent powerful group all healing and clearing together, even when people are watching the clearing video at different times and places.

What this means for you is this…

You can watch this clearing video whenever, wherever, and as many times as you’d like – and it works just as well as if you are in the room with this circle of really powerful healers.  People even report feeling everyone palpably – with tingles, shivers, and flushes of joy flowing through.  People have big visions.

Now, Scorpio is the house of magical transformation.  So there is literally NO better time for you to experience this potent video clearing than THIS week – right NOW in fact.  That’s why I’m offering you this thing for 90% off what it would cost you to get a personal clearing with me.

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