I’m single again.  Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve been single since 1993!

Yes, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur and also a serial relationship person.  (blush)

And now being without a man in my life has given me the opportunity to consciously cultivate the masculine in my own self, in my business, and in my body.  Yum!

My healthy masculine includes:

  1. Strategy – my “man with a plan” inside myself
  2. Structure – a protective vessel where I cradle my tender heart and my creative power.
  3. Stand – my constant directed devotion to moving forward towards my goals and priorities

And look what’s already MANifesting in my life…

* BIZ – Brilliant creative men are showing up to support me to create a clearer, smarter more effective biz.

* FIT – My own discipline for working out and taking care of myself is increased, so I’m in the best shape of my life.

* LIT – I’m feeling clearer and more motivated than ever to fulfill my deepest purpose.

How did I do it?

There are 3 new things I’ve been doing (surprising things), that brought these results.  And you can do them too.

Here are the action items:

1. Calendar Consciously – When I calendar my year, I take the energetic forecast into account.  And I plan things in cycles.  When you’re a sensitive empathic person like me (us), you gotta know when those big tsunamis are coming!  The collective is so hot right now – frustration, arguments, and passions are running high.  Yes, it’s good and bad.  We’re going to have to ride it all out.  But at least we can be conscious about what’s coming, and plan ahead for what we’ll need.

That’s why I create my Magical Calendar.  It’s a Google Calendar where I put the most important energies that I know I need to pay attention to through the year, including strong moons, “do nothing” days, and powerful money-days.  And by popular demand, I’m sharing it with my followers who want to share in it, for a super low price.

2.  Follow Pleasure – You know how much the masculine wants to PLEASE the feminine?  A lot.  So to feed and satisfy my inner masculine, I need to follow the Pleasure of my inner Feminine.  This year, that has accidentally resulted in me getting fit.  See, dancing gives me pleasure.  So I’ve been dancing more.  My sexual spiritual practice is pleasure, so I attend to that more.  Being outdoors gives me pleasure, so I go outside and move my body more.  And whaddya know?  I’m healthier than ever.  Boom.

3. Get Feisty – There’s plenty of reason to get feisty these days.  And these days, I feel this greater permission to let that feisty fire energy move, express, and even throw some tantrums.  It has really lit a fire under my business butt.  I am more devoted than ever to support creative people to become conduits of their soul’s power and purpose.  Oh Yes.  I’m fired up.  And because I have a PLAN, I can let my feisty energy move me forward fast.

Calendaring is the structure for all 3.

My calendar is my brain.  Seriously.  If something’s on my calendar, it exists in my life.  So my PLAN really exists most on my calendar!

That’s why I put so much attention into making my Magical Calendar, which overlays my personal and business calendar (aka my brain), so I can merge my worlds.  You might like this tactic too.  Calendar all your feisty goals to give them legs.  Vision without a grounded plan is just a spinning vortex of overwhelm.  Calendaring is the cure.

I schedule my Pleasure first.  Dance classes are on the calendar.  Spa days are on the calendar. Feisty goals are on the calendar.


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