Sensitive people do biz differently (or not at all).

Sensitive people are different.  We’re intuitive, gifted, and spiritually minded.  Instead of being driven by money, we are most motivated by our deeper purpose.  We are committed to kindness, in part because we are so empathetic that we literally FEEL when other people hurt.  So we are pretty abhorrent of manipulative, pushy, verbally violent marketing.  We just aren’t willing to sell out for sales.  It’s not that we are moralistic goody two-shoes prissypants, it’s just that, well, that whole “We are ONE” thing is a real truth.  It’s proven daily by our first-hand experience.

Sensitive peeps can shift this culture

So, what if all the sensitive intuitive people were really free to focus entirely on giving their deep gifts in the world?  We have special gifts, grace-filled experiences, and energetic abilities that others don’t have.  And I believe they are exactly what this current global culture needs.  I love to consider a world where the intuitive wise folk are the ones with the money, the power, the global leadership.  Oh yes!   And that’s why I’m so devoted to supporting the sensitive gifted folk who are willing to bring their deep gifts to the world in the form of a business with far reach, big money, and deep impact.

5 Steps for Business Success for Sensitive Intuitive Gifted People

Drawing from my background as a business lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a student of new paradigm business, and then a teacher of intuitive businesspeople, I’ve come up with a program designed specifically to help spiritual intuitive people find big success doing business in their own way – with integrity.  I want to share those 5 steps with you now…

1. Know Your Gift, so you don’t build a biz that destroys your life.

If you rush into creating a business, you will likely choose a biz and niche that are not a perfect fit.  If you’re a gifted intuitive person, this can be a fatal mistake.  Your soul came here to do a job.  And if you try to do something else, your soul will keep crying.  That’s why I created the Soul Gift Quiz.  It’s a simple way to look at what type of soul you really are –so you can stop working against your Gift!

In my business training program, Soul Gift Business School, we spend a couple of weeks making sure you choose the right business for your soul to be as satisfied as your mind, your heart, and your pocketbook.  This saves you from having the experience of spending years creating a lucrative business… and still not being satisfied because you built the wrong business for you!

Your action tip right now is to create a business that fits your Soul Gift type at least – If you’re a Messenger, make sure your biz will give you opportunities to speak and write!  If you’re a Creator, make sure you are in your creative zone, making new systems and complex creations.  If you’re a Researcher, make sure you can study new things as part of your biz.  If you’re an Explorer, don’t do anything that will have you feeling trapped.  And, perhaps most importantly, if you’re a Transmitter, you darn well better create a biz that doesn’t exhaust and burn you out!  You need something that gives people a simple excuse to be in your field to receive your Transmission!  This requires some special strategizing.

2. Strategize Your Expertise, so are understood, valued, and hired easily.

We intuitive people hate to be pigeonholed, limited, or otherwise made sense of. 😉 But unfortunately, new people don’t hire us until we can explain what the heck we do.  Once you are positioned as a specialist in your field, with a clear niche that calls your ideal clients in for their beginning of their journey with you, everything gets SO much easier!

Whereas “normal” people who are motivated by money more than purpose can “just pick a niche” with ease, intuitive folk tend to really struggle to be seen as a specialist in solving some real-life problem for their people.

My helpful action tip is to think of just the FIRST problem you might solve – a problem that is so irritating to your client, that they will trust a brand new person (you) to help them solve it.  This may be a very simple problem, very real-life, very boring even.  Yet to your client, they are really motivated to fix it fast.  And this brings them to you.

If you don’t pick a niche problem that brings you your first clients, you will only draw those people who are as psychic as you because those people’s guides will lead them to you.  Do you really want to limit your practice or biz to people who are already that psychic?  Probably not.  And that’s why in Soul Gift Business School, we take you through a strategic process that follows the medicine wheel – to make sure you pick a niche/expertise that brings in exactly the right kind of clients you came to serve.

3. Find the Magic Words that magnetically draw your peeps.

Magical businesses need magic words.  It’s not enough to use the same-old same-old marketing buzz terms, the manipulative sneaky words, the guilt-inducing passive aggressive marketing techniques of old.  Nuh-uh.  We intuitive people are here to draw certain souls to our sacred work.  So we are looking for the words that are almost “coded” to call in our tribe.  Of course your biz description needs to make SENSE – but it also needs to be sacredly magnetic.  That’s the goal in Soul Gift Business School, and there’s a simple process to get to those Magic Words.

But my action tip to share now is that you should ask your existing clients how they describe your magic to friends.  Listen for THEIR words.  They will likely be words you don’t’ use yourself to describe what you do.  But those who have been touched by your work will naturally express your magic better than you ever could!

When you do nail your magic words, it gets so much easier to call in your peeps!

4. Set The Perfect Pricing that leaves you feeling generous and confident

Intuitive people often give their work away for far too little money.  Sometimes we think that if we just give enough of a discount, people will hire us!  This comes form the frustration of doing GREAT work, yet attracting few clients.  It’s not your price that is keeping them away, though.  It’s the fact that you haven’t been able to tell them, in simple real-life language, what you are promising them for their money.

In Soul Gift Business School, we guide you through a process to set your prices at point and in a way that leaves you feeling confident and generous when you talk about your prices.  And we help you communicate to your clients, so they feel GREAT paying your full price.  This is often a real turning point for our students.

My action tip for you right now is to make a list of what you can promise a client will get from working with you… This is just one step, but it is a powerful one.  You’ll realize that you really CAN make certain promises, and those promises are valuable! Get some help on this one, because it’s hard to do alone.  Do it with a partner.  Others see your value easier than you can, I bet!

5. Sell without Selling Out – so you LOVE talking to potential clients about your work.

“EW! Sales!!!”  That, my friend, is what most intuitive sensitive people say when you mention the S-word (sales). Why?  It’s because sales has been traditionally icky – manipulative, pushy, grabby, and not so honest.  And sensitive people can feel that crap.  A lot. And most of us have been quite injured and traumatized by sales in the past.  So the last thing we want to be come is a Sales Person.

In Soul Gift Business School, we have a whole new system for doing sales, where intuitive people USE their gifts for honest connection, intuitive wisdom, and deep soul purpose work to connect their prospective clients with what they really need.  This is a new paradigm in sales – where it’s about sharing, educating, and deeply tuning in, instead of manipulating and cajoling.  And it works.

My action tip for selling without selling out, without going into the whole gorgeous system we’ve created (cause we don’t have time and space to do that here), is to take a moment BEFORE having a sales conversation to invoke the Highest Good.  Devote the conversation to the Highest Good in general.  Then, invoke the Highest Good that your work provides.  Your work gives a benefit that is empowering, valuable, and desirable.  Connect with the grace of what you really really offer.  And then let that Grace lead the conversation.  This is so different than working from an agenda.  This is about putting the Big Boss back in charge of your service.

There’s a way to learn more, and get help starting your biz…

Of course there is so much more I’d love to teach you right now, right here!  But we need more time and space! Our system for selling without selling out is different than anything I’ve seen anywhere else.  And it leaves both sides of the conversation feeling blessed, connected, and filled with a sacred energy that honors individual needs and wisdom as well as the Highest Good.

For that, and more, I invite you to check out Soul Gift Business School.

Why a Soul Gift Business School?

Here’s the Problem –  Many intuitive gifted sensitive people aren’t having a BIG impact (like we’d like) because they don’t know how to do business in their own way of integrity and grace.

And many business trainings with their sales tactics,  pushy rah-rah, fake positioning, and hotel ballrooms, just turn intuitive sensitives OFF.

The old ways of doing business frankly disgust people who are empaths – because they are dishonoring.

Yet the world needs intuitive gifted people MORE than EVER – and we need them (us) resourced, rested, supported, and in full power and impact, connected in community, turning this world around!

That’s why I created Soul Gift Business School.

It’s different in a few key ways:

  1.  It’s designed for intuitive gifted people who are devoted to integrity (and not smarmy sales tactics).
  2.  It’s magic – we leverage the power of the gifted folk in our community to raise each other up with our combined power, love, and guidance.
  3. It’s funny, engaging, and beautiful.  Yes, our online course campus is not a confusing list of files.  It is a well organized series of fun videos, checklists, beautiful printable action guides, and feedback loops.  You’ll like it.
  4. It’s got direct expert coaching.  Where most of these courses don’t provide personalized feedback unless you pay extra huge bucks, we do.
  5. It’s affordable.  I don’t need to squeeze you for extra dollars.  I want to empower you.  And I know that intuitive people often charge too little.  So this program is a LOT less expensive than other ones.  Call it good karma.  You deserve a freakin’ break!

I am well aware that most business trainings, that take you from concept to sales, cost upwards of $10K and some up to $100K (!!!)

And it does make sense to pay good money for something that shows you how to make a biz that can gross $5-10K to more per month…

Soul Gift Business School is only $2950 for up to 6 months of professional training that results in your own lucrative business.  Bam!  You’re welcome!

And, just to be even more awesome, we include some beautiful bonuses too…

  • 7 Days to Charge What You’re Worth – An online course that helps you raise your rates to the right price point
  • Mellissa’s Magical Calendar 2016 – An amazing calendar that shows you the days you’re likely to be low-energy, or radically abundant, or in time with Love!
  • The Resonant Yes Kit – which makes great decisions easy, by mapping your resonant YES!
  • And a Bonus Call recording for those who sign up, which is a powerful clearing and blessing opening the doors to abundance!

If you are an intuitive gifted person who wants to create (or renovate) a business around your deepest gifts…

This training is for you.

It only happens once a year.

So don’t miss it.

It’s just plain cheaper, better, and way more fun than the other programs out there!

Sometimes, you really can get WAY MORE than you’ve paid for – but only if you say YES when Spirit gives you the opportunity…

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