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The Seven Secrets of Spiritual Marketing!

The world is facing challenges that need holistic and spirit-connected intelligence.  In other words, we need to empower our holistic-minded problem solvers to be heard, seen, and utilized!

But too many people who are awake, aware, and spiritual avoid marketing!  They are afraid of the old boys’ tactics of using fear, scarcity, and pressure to force a sale.  But that is not Spiritual Marketing.  That’s the old way.  And it’s not even working well anymore, since people are growing more savvy and even skeptical of all marketing messages!

The big problem – when spiritual inspired geniuses don’t use marketing, they effectively hide, and the world doesn’t even notice the very transformative work that could help the world most.

The big solution – activate those gifted folk who have a leg in both worlds – spiritual wisdom AND pragmatic solutions. – to reach their people, make sense of their work, and have a big impact.

This requires a NEW way of marketing, based on honesty, connection, and even partnership with the mystery that guides us all towards evolution and a hopeful future.

My story

I was trained in negotiations as a lawyer – and I got to see firsthand as a litigator how coercion, fear, and stonewalling work to force actions.  It’s competitive.  It’s not “technically” honest.
It felt horrible.  Meanwhile, I was Catholic, faith-filled, and saw my spirituality and my career as two different worlds.  There’s a spiritual world where we tell the truth and acknowledge spiritual wisdom, and then there’s “just business,” I thought.  But it never felt good.

My spirituality opened up in a big way in the year 2000, and I found I could not practice law anymore.  I was suddenly a spiritual teacher and healer.  So, I did “marketing by God” where I relied on the constant stream of miracles and serendipities to bring my clients to me.  And it worked ok!  I mean,  I could survive on people who just found me by miracle.

But then I wanted to make a bigger impact.  I wanted to make enough money to have a voice in the world of business.  I wanted to finally relax so I could focus on my gift for bridging the worlds.
That required setting aside my spiritual arrogance around marketing, and getting in the game, participating in a  marketplace with the rest of the world.  But how to do this while still holding my integrity?

In 2000, my spiritual understanding grew out of my previous box, and I’ve been devoted to integrating my worlds of both my intellect and my intuition.  Now, perhaps like you too, I’m straddling two worlds.  And doing my best, like many colleagues, to forge a new way of “marketing” that is based in my true principles of honesty, connection, and creating the win-win.

As I’ll share with you, I’m not perfect at this.  Like most of our modern issues, I think it takes a community to make headway.  But it’s a practice worth being imperfect at!

Seven Secrets of Spiritual Marketing

1. Clear yourself first.  Of course, whenever you sit at your desk to do business, your go-go brain is firing off with lots of go-go hormones.  That’s great!  But before you enter into the realm of inviting people to work with you, it’s important to consciously set your intention to release greed, release your desperate feelings, and fully align with your passion to serve and your generosity.  Use your own techniques (those things you teach OTHER people to do – meditation, breathing, and positive affirmations) to get yourself in a good zone before you begin writing marketing copy or talking to people about working with you!

2. Compassion. Get inside of your potential client, and feel their hurts that make them long for the solution you have.  Dare to feel into the pain that has your clients wanting to spend good money to solve the problem you solve!  Now, of course, this also requires that you be specific with what you do!  You need to establish your “niche” to contact your client in the midst of what they are suffering with NOW.  If you don’t, they just can’t hear you!  It’s not until you speak to them about what’s really bothering them right now that they can give you the attention and value you deserve.

Note:  * Compassion can be seductive!  When you resonate with someone deeply, they will be tempted to buy your stuff just cause they feel contacted!  So it’s up to you to also pre-qualify people for the product you’re offering.  Make sure you feel it is really what they need! Otherwise, people will feel seduced instead of met!

3. Contact – Reach out and make contact with people!  Don’t just hide in your temple, on the top of a tall mountain, and expect everyone to come and find you!!  Be generous with your concern, with your availability, and with your specific offering to the world.  Personally connect.  Don’t isolate and make them climb a mountain to find you.  You go find them, and make it personal.

4. Co-Visioning Power – You help people see what’s possible for them.  This is a huge gift!  Help your potential client see beyond their own limitations for themselves.  Tell them what you see as a higher vision for them.  What do you see the potential of this person growing into?  Vision the future with them, but don’t paint yourself as the only solution!  That would be misusing the power of visioning.  You get to express how you think your work would help, but always leave the door open to other options, because that is just plain true.  There are many ways to reach a higher vision, and many helpers available.  Trust this client to choose wisely.

5. Connect them to Others – Referral is a magical gift – not just a revenue strategy!  Not everyone is meant to work with you!  But you can refer them to a better fit!  Refer freely, and know that it opens the channel of abundance and win-win through you.

6. Collaborate directly with Spirit – Even in the midst of a sales conversation you really want to “win,”  give it up to god.  God’s will be done.  Highest Good is always the best intention.  I like to pray to the guides who watch over my Team and work.   I pray that they guide me and this person to the perfect fit, whether it is each other or another match.  I pray that perfect timing have us come together at just the right moment.  Let God decide who is your best client, by honoring and trusting your integrity and the wisdom of this potential client.

7. COMMITMENT – Honor the power of commitment – yours and theirs – by offering rewards for them to step up into their power.  Ask them to LEAP when it’s time to leap.  If it is indeed a win-win and a fit, and you both feel that, then encourage and incentivize them to commit (and buy) now.  This feels different than “the clock is ticking” strategy that creates false-scarcity.  The encouragement to leap when it’s right is not a threat, it’s a celebration of courage.  It’s a REWARD, not a punishment.  Encourage them to find and feel their YES if that’s what’s there – and to act now to harness the power of Commitment!