Are you Spirit-Driven?

If you are,

You’re in the right time portal, and you’re in the right place.

And I want to support, reward, and gift you.


What does it mean to be Spirit­-Driven?

You’re answering to a Deeply Spiritual Calling to do good through your Biz and Life

You’re Driven to achieve your soul’s purpose above all else

You’re Devoted to doing Business in a new way, in deep collaboration with Spirit.


So tell me, is this you?

It sure as heck is me.

And if you’re also driven by Spirit, even in biz, I want you to tell me more about you, and I want to give you a present. 


Yep, I’m Spirit Driven too.

It’s not even a “choice” for me.

It’s just how I’ve always been.


Even as a little girl, I felt a deep Calling from Spirit – to Love, to strive for justice, and to keep my intentions positive.

One day, when I was about seven years old, I was outdoors in a meadow during church camp, frolicking near a frog pond (I loved frogs so much), and I heard (more like FELT) Spirit call my name. It came like a strong wind, but the trees didn’t move with it.

Whoa. Gulp.

I was overwhelmed, humbled. My heart was pounding in reverent eagerness.

This was my big chance!

I had God’s attention!

I knew I had some kind of mission from God. (Yes, I was an intense kid, you guys)

Now I could finally know just what it was!


I asked, “What do you want me to Do, God?”

And I heard back one word – “Love.”

Now, honestly, I had been expecting some detailed lists of things to do.

But God (as She does) pointed me towards my one over­riding purpose – Love.

And yes, ever since I was little, I’ve felt DRIVEN by that devotion – to serve well, to do good things in the world, to prepare myself to go as big as God might need me to go.


spirit-driven-portrait-intense My Spirit-­Driven nature had me work extra hard.

I was compelled.

Yes, I was “Driven.”

I worked my little butt off.

I studied hard.

I developed new skills.

I kept on listening, praying, connecting with Spirit.

Maybe you’ve felt driven to excel for most your life, too, from your deep Calling…

See, I felt Driven because God had Called me. I knew we were in this together.



Law School.

Practicing Public Interest and Business Law.

Founding an Improv Theatre.

Leading Retreats.



Like all of us, I followed Life’s trail from one chapter to the next, but the constant underpinning was my faith, my Calling, my devotion.

I was really surprised when I had a potent psychic awakening in the year 2000.

It changed a lot, but my devotion just deepened in a different way.

And that’s how it is when you’re Spirit-­Driven – life keeps tossing you challenges, and you find out later they were just training for what was to come next!

Seemingly overnight, my flavor of spiritual devotion changed dramatically from Roman Catholic liturgist and retreat leader to psychic shaman healer and intuitive oracle. Holy moly. Rocked my world.

Yet inside, the Calling of Spirit was the same. I just had new tools, and wider awareness, to follow that Calling.

(I bet you had some chapter­-shifts in your life that surprised you too, right?)

And, as it turned out, that big shift from lawyer to shaman was my biggest preparation to do what I’m doing now…

To empower Spirit­-Driven Business people to have the best of both worlds so we can together

  • Succeed in our soul­ gifted businesses, for the good of us
  • Re-define “success” to include loving purpose as well as profit.
  • Evolve “business” itself into an endeavor that creates what matters most in this world, guided by the highest power.

My big gift now is that I bridge the worlds of Business (law, entrepreneurship, marketing) and Spirit (intuitive gifts, connection to the unseen worlds) – In Love. I can act as an Oracle and explain stuff. I can guide and counsel people in both spiritual stuff and business strategy.

I’m still a Spirit-Driven Business person.

And I know I’m not alone.

I’m devoted to support as many Spirit-Driven Business people as I can.
And if you’re in this category,

I would love to hear from you, and to give you a present, too.

So I’m going to ask you: Are you also a Spirit-Driven Business person?

  • Would you like to connect with other Spirit-Driven Business people?
  • Would you like some support in maintain your success, your sanity, and your spirit as you walk your unique path?

Normal Business can feel like a one-person-show, or a hierarchical corporate system of wants and profits.

To a Spirit-Driven Business person, “Normal Business” is boring at best, and often distasteful and even disgusting at worst.

But we are building a new way of doing business, in co-creation with Spirit.

spirit-driven-morebackgroundMaybe you WANT to be a Spirit-Driven Business person, but you’ve never seen it done well yet, so you don’t know how to begin!

Well, I’m here to tell you – it is possible.

And it can be delightful.

One way it might look…

It’s you and Spirit collaborating on a business plan,

co-creating the offerings,

drawing in the audience/clients together, and then

using the proceeds to lift up yourself, your purpose, and wider multitudes of people in this world.


I want to learn about you, if you are interested in this stuff.

Will you fill out these few questions so I can send you some great stuff – but only the stuff you want?

I am inspired by the vision of business shifting to a new paradigm globally, where all enterprises are collaborations between smart kind folk and the infinite wisdom of the Spirit of Love.

Wouldn’t that be cool?
Well, the first step is to help the early adopters of this Spirit-driven thing (that’s you) to succeed wildly, paving the path.

Thanks for reading, for participating, and for taking this short survey so I can serve you better.

With Love,