It should have been great news!  But it landed with a big wave of anxiety instead.

A world renown celebrity photographer, Warwick Saint, wanted to take photos of me for Amant, which features images of feminine power.  <insert hyperventilation here> This guy, a dear friend and amazing artist, just got back from photographing that Harry Potter guy.  And a few weeks ago, he was creating art with the world’s top models.  He took pics of many of my favorite-est rock stars and movie stars.  Squeee!

Yes, it should have been the best news ever!  But my first thought?

I need to cleanse.  I need a facial.  How can I lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks?


Now, some people who know me would be surprised to hear that I have the same body-image critique voices running as just about all women.  That’s cause I really do love my body.  I am a stand for the beauty-full-ness of all women.  I love the pleasure and the curves and the vitality of this body.  I love how my body serves me as a vessel of my work and my pleasure.  I have spent years de-armoring my body, dancing into my confidence, and increasing my capacity for sensual pleasure.

Still, I am programmed, trapped in the constant nagging critique inside my mind.  It is a low-volume incessant chatter – comparing myself.  Vigilance.  And something inside thinks that if I am not top-notch pretty, I will be tossed aside, ignored, and perhaps even destroyed.  What the heck?

Well, guess what?  I found a way through it that created the perfect experience.  Yes, I fought with myself in those 3 weeks leading up to the photo shoot.  But I watched my thoughts.  I treated myself to a short nourishing cleanse where I just ate even better than usual, and a facial (long overdue), and made it my practice to do these from a place of nurturing self-love.

Didn’t. Lose. One. Pound.

Mellissa-open-arms-AmantAnd it was perfect.

A few days before I traveled to LA for the shoot, I was laughing, realizing how serendipitous it was that I’d be seen, revealed, and immortalized exactly as I am – at the top of my typical weight range – in my voluptuous, sumptuous, peri-menopausal gorgeousness.  Because I am a stand for the Power of woman.  And my power is not controlled by my body mass index.

So I wrote about it – how beauty is about the power that flows through us as channels.  That article will be out on the Amant site on Aug 1 so you can stay tuned for that.


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