Want money, wealth, and physical abundance?

I’ve got a hidden key to share that goes beyond what most people think of as “grounding.”

The secret is to come down out of your head, and collaborate with the force that’s in charge of the physical stuff… the Creatrix below!

I know.  There’s always been a lot of talk about the Big-Old-Guy-Creator God in the Sky.

But, honestly, he’s got his head in the clouds [insert comedy rim-shot here].

He’s full of great Ideas and Words and Commandments and inspiring feelings.

But who is the One Birthing stuff?  Who is down and dirty in the mucky reality of this planet?

You know Who!!! Mother Earth… Creatrix… the “Dark” Feminine… Desire… Longing… Devotion… These are the yummy downward mysteries that we all need to face in order to actually Create something – in order to Birth something from the Idea realm into Tangible Reality.  Like, um, a business.  Or a kid.  Or a project.

You know what they say – a “great idea” is worth about 2 cents on the open market.  Everyone’s got one.  It’s getting from the Idea stage to the Results stage that is the real art form.

So today, I’ve got a message for you from your Right Brain – the side of you that is creative, intuitive, and oh so mysterious.

Because whether you’re birthing a child, a business, or a new home, it’s the Creatrix you’ve got to collaborate with!

And she’s more about the Why than the How. 

She’s all about connection, not competition. 

Without her in the game, life is positively meaningless.

So relax, open, and let this message move you on a level deeper than your monkey-mind… It will help you get through times when you’re frustrated that nothing’s working your way.  Cause if you try to push your way through it, it’s going to hurt.  The key to birthing is to relax and let your instinctual mystery take over.

Any mom who’s birthed a baby through her physicalized Creatrix channel can tell you – you can’t just will yourself to “push” that little pumpkin out.  You wait for the tsunami-sized wave of NOW to take over, and then you get to add your own consciousness to that “push.”  In other words, it’s a combination of the power of the Creatrix with a bit of your intention and attention supporting it.  Time to pay the Big Mama more attention.  Otherwise, you end up creating stuff you don’t give a dang about.

Now – read this and remember – and then go birth yourself again. 😉


  The Creatrix Speaks


   Connecting the Below…


For so long you have been opening your heart, your mind, your voice. These are above your waistline! And this has led you to tremendous healing, and the power to vision the future, to call in friends and loves, to connect through heart and voice.


Now that you are clear above, Darling, it is time to clear BELOW through Me. Yes, the Earth is safe for you again, no longer the place for your killing and desecration of the feminine – soft strong Way. So open the connection downward to the Earth through me, and complete the strong channel up and down, earth to sky, yawning open through your center.


How can you manifest in the physical if you are not connected to the Earth through your Birthing Channel?


How can you birth a new project, your path, your abundance into the World without going through me?


How can you conceive abundance unless you draw the longing of the Earth up through me and into your creative center?


Visioning and dreaming is only halfway to completion. It is the upper world of your body. It is light and moves fast.


But if you want to make it REAL and touchable, then come down into your lower body, and the lower throat of the Creatrix you are – and speak the vision you dream of into the Earth who creates all we touch, taste, and see.


Passion and longing are the first step to making it happen. Relish your passionate longing and dare to feel it.


I am the passage and container of passion. I am where you cook your stew of creation. I am the place that the dream heats up to be birthed. You can’t skip over me anymore. I am indispensable again, finally.


Come down here, and explore the meaning and longing underneath everything. Together, from this longing, we will create reality as One.

*** (c) 2015 Mellissa Seaman – share with linkback to this page. ***

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