This article is for teachers, speakers, and healers who engage audiences, and want to know how to use the POWER at their hands with integrity to build a real following of trust – a Tribe.  – Mellissa Seaman

Group energy – this potency that we BUILD in an audience when we speak – is one of the most mis-used sources of “free energy.”

Group energy is built out of “nothing.”  As speakers, we get up in front of an audience, and we spin our yarn.  We gather the attention of the crowd.  We engage them emotionally.  We make them laugh.  We have them in tears.  And the group becomes one big sensitive energy field that we can guide and shift with our words.  The energy in a room like this is palpable.  It is real.  It is potent.  And too often, it is either mis-used to make a sale, or wasted, left on the table as we walk away from the stage, because we are scared to tap such a potent force!

So how can we, as teacher/leader/speakers, use this group energy in the most efficient, uplifting, and positive way?

How can we use group energy in full integrity so that a tribe rises up in support of it?

How can we shift from the old SALES paradigm to engage in common purpose, devotion, and celebration?

It has to do with consciously directing group energy in alignment with the highest good.

As leaders/speakers/teachers, we have access to one of the biggest sources of FREE ENERGY that exist – “Group Energy.”  We are trusted with this powerful source every time we step on stage, lead a group, or teach a class.

And although we rarely address it directly, many of our problems as teachers/leaders come when we use Group Energy in a way that is (accidentally usually) out of INTEGRITY.

When you use Group Energy out of Integrity, you cause a BIG MESS and the energy is wasted, or even used to sap the world’s energy instead of build it.  Oops.  It results in resentful audiences, lots of refund requests, and bad PR on the surface, and withheld objections, victimization feelings, and re-triggering old wounds under the surface.  Ew.


What is Group Energy?

For a long time, you’ve seen Group Energy used for all sorts of things.  And you can feel when you are caught up in it.  The preacher/teacher gets a group riled up over something they align with, and the energy builds in the room.  It grows thick and feisty in the air between the people.  It makes people move, sweat, feel like they want to DO something.  It connects the people together, forming a tribe, and sometimes even a mob!  The sense of belonging, of shared passion, of IMPORTANCE – it grows, and the audience often turns the DIRECTION of all this energy towards the speaker/teacher.  And in this moment, the facilitator/speaker/leader can USE the energy of the group – can DIRECT it.


How & why is Group Energy mis-used?

Usually, it is mis-used to get SALES.  Some (many) direct it towards getting the audience to say yes to an OFFER – they convert the group enthusiasm into cash for themselves, sometimes to sell a good product, sometimes to sell a useless product.  This is the old paradigm of push-sales.  You can learn how to do this from many old sources of sales.  For bonus points, watch The Wolf of Wall Street. 😉

People get very riled up, and they rush to take action as directed by the leader (usually towards the leader’s products).  And when the group settles down afterwards, they often feel drained, cheated, taken advantage of.   Yet after such a high of community feelings, the reluctant buyers tend to  hide their misgivings and regrets, because they REALLY want to maintain that glorious feeling of CONNECTION they just felt.  They WANT to believe they just made a good purchase.  So they continue on, denying their misgivings, and harboring a certain doubt and regret that can eat at them for years.  And they tend to complain about the product, not make full use of what they’ve bought, and generally feel poopy about it.

Could this be happening (even a little bit) in your practice of sales?  Do you have a lot of people asking for refunds after buying from you?  Do you worry about crafting a good “refund policy” often?  Do you sometimes have clients who feel afterwards like you were “too salesy?”  Are you scared to ask for and receive feedback from your audiences a few days after the presentation? You might see these as signs that you still have some mastery to achieve, then, in what I’m about to share with you.


How to use Group Energy to create FREE ENERGY for everyone

Very simply, you align with what’s best, instead of what you want.

Easy to say, harder (sometimes) to do – especially if you feel desperate for sales.

When I say align with “what’s best” I mean the highest and best good for all people and the planet.  For short, I call it the Highest Good.  You might call it “Love.” Or the Tao.  Or just “for the best.”

When a group’s energy is raised and available, the way to turn it into FREE ENERGY is to connect everyone with the intention for the highest good.  Basically, it’s turning the group energy towards unconditional love.  It turns the energy into a “prayer” for the BEST to have its way.  This taps the highest SOURCE of energy itself, exponentially growing the impact of the energy that has been raised, and instantly flooding all involved with connection and nourishment from and with that Source.  (Read that last sentence again for a moment, and take a breath.)

As long as the energy is directed with the overall (and over-riding) intention of serving the highest good, it can be ALSO directed toward a certain outcome that all involved feel is in the highest good – like healing a person, a community, a land, for example.  And yes it CAN be used for “sales” if the overriding intention is REALLY for the highest good!  And it will have a big effect, immediately.  It will have whatever effect is truly in the Highest Good, not always the one that the mind expects or desires.  It will have a bigger impact than a selfishly directed use of the group energy, because it will be aligned with higher sources of power and intelligence.


Why don’t all leaders already do this?

It is so simple, and yet it takes great courage and fortitude.  For most speakers, it’s actually terrifying!

That’s because as leaders – heck, as humans – we want to CONTROL the outcome.  We want to USE the Group Energy.  We may even feel entitled to it, after using our Gifts to raise if from the audience.  

We were trained to use it!  Most of us were trained into the old style of manipulative coercive marketing and sales.  It’s IN us. (Dude, I was a lawyer, remember?)  It’s in our old culture, and it’s patterned into our brains.  We think it’s the way that works.  We see that it results in sales in the short-term.  But as we grow more sensitive, and as our audiences grow more savvy and sensitive too, the old way breaks trust and prevents your tribe from growing.  It prevents future sales even if you are making sales today.

It’s time to move into marketing with Free Energy.

This is where we, as leaders, get to model devotion to what is best for everyone.  This is where we set aside our own agendas, open to what’s really in alignment with love, and get out of the freaking’ way of a source of power that is WAY bigger than us.

We may have an invitation, or an offering, that we want to “sell” – one that we THINK is in the best good for all these people.  But the mastery in leadership here is to put that desire to sell underneath the over-riding intention for the highest good.

Yes, for you, it requires facing the fact that you don’t know if your offering is best for these people.  And that is humbling.  It is devotional to something greater.  It feels vulnerable.  Sure, it is scary.  And exciting.  And exhilarating.  At that moment when everyone is ADORING you on stage, it requires that you join them as an equal (not a guru) and intend, more than anything, what is BEST.  It requires you SHARING all that energy WITH your audience, instead of gobbling it all up yourself.  It requires that you lay aside your crown of glory, and become a true ALLY to everyone in the room.  And together, you all send your intention toward the highest good.


What about making the sale, building a following?

You, as leader, don’t get to control WHAT the response is from the people, or from the Universe.  And you might not sell as much!  But you might well sell more, especially in the long run, because you won’t be manipulating anyone with the group energy.   And you’ll build a stronger tribe.

Have you noticed that audiences are growing more and more sensitive to feeling manipulated?  You’ll sell what’s in the highest good for you to sell.  And they will buy what’s in the highest good for them to buy.  And everyone will bask in the blessing of that.  And that, my friends, is what turning group energy into free energy is all about.

It’s not the old sell-buy win-lose talk-them-into-it sort of game anymore.  It’s weaving the audience into a common devotion, accessing the greatest source of energy there is, and then using it to empower the choice and inspiration of everyone in the room towards what is BEST.

Everyone in the room (or watching you on the internet) will feel the difference and respect you for it.  They will trust you.  It won’t be their self-effacing child-self following you as their guru/teacher/leader.  It will be their wisest self, deeply devoted to what is best, walking WITH you as a devoted member of your Tribe.  And you will be a leader of high integrity, responsibly stewarding one of the biggest sources of power – Group Energy – toward the best good for all of us.

Thank you for doing what you came here to do.  Thank you for being willing to constantly refine your practices to come more into Integrity, and into the modern world of marketing with free energy.  Your efforts to do this RIGHT can create a movement that can change the world towards a hopeful future.  And there’s nothing more important than that.  Consider me an ally.



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