A Rant on Channeling – Righteous Woo vs Grounded Spiritual Wisdom

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Full Moon Capricorn


It’s the Full Moon in Capricorn, and time to get real about spirituality. When is it just righteous elitism, spiritual escapism, and “bypass” – and when is it the real thing? Here’s a story to tell you what I mean…


The other day, I got really mad, at a deep level, when I read a “channeling.” I was so excited to see this channeling from someone I knew. I thought, “Good for her for opening her channel and bringing through wise messages – Yay!” Since I channel messages from spirit realm, I get excited when other people do it too.


But when I opened and read this channeling, I felt queasy, and then filled with rage.


Basically here’s what it said –

“If you are one of the chosen, then you will understand this channeling.

If you are not, then you are bound to suffer in this life.

There are secrets that you must know, and practices that you must do to be fulfilled. Without these secrets, which come only through me, you will be miserable… Blah blah blah”


UGH!!! Ew! Gross!


Oh man I was so disappointed! I imagined people reading this, and BELIEVING it! What??


So I calmed myself down and recognized that I simply have different values around channeling. And because of my feelings, I’ve been withholding my gift. I’ve been silencing myself. Why? Because I don’t want to be associated with this kind of channeling. Let me explain…


Here are the 3 big things that enrage me about this kind of channeled message:


  1. It creates a special “Us” and a lost and confused “Them.” It immediately points to a chosen group who are better than others.   It seems to use this kind of separation to seduce people into believing the message in order to prove they are in the special group that knows it all. (We have enough of this in the political and religious realms, don’t you think?)   In my heart, I just know that to the wise realms of Spirit, there is only a WE — One big giant Team, with different subteams, perhaps. So this Us and Them perspective sounds very obnoxious to me. I don’t trust it. And what’s worse, it might make others think that God is an elitist prig. Yuck.
  1. It sets the channel up as a Know-it-All one-and-only Teacher. It claims you can only know Spirit’s Truth through the channel’s messages. Oh my. As someone who claims to be a translator for Spirit – a channel, I know that I’m far from perfect. I know that Truth comes through a lot of different translators, experiences, and life lessons, showing us all the little truth’s that make up the big Truth with a Capital T. And this Truth is available to ALL of us, ALL the time.   It’s just easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the face of so much information. When a really good channel opens and speaks it in language that makes sense, it just helps to give words to What You Already Know. A good channeling provides a big A-HA to the listeners, but it’s not a shocking A-Ha that makes you feel stupid or superior. It’s an A-Ha that you didn’t know that you already Knew. Do you know that feeling? Empowering Truth lands with belly laughs or tears of deep recognition. Now THAT is the sign of an empowering Channeling. And that’s what I’m going for every time I open myself to channel new teachings.


  1. It poo-poohs Life on Earth in a subversive way. So many spiritual teachings claim that dirty bad painful stuff has no merit and is not part of God. I have a different point of view that feels right in my bones. We are souls who came to this dimension and lifetime to EXPERIENCE all of it: the pain, the suffering, the struggle, as well as the joy, the pleasure, and the ecstatic oneness. Therefore, people who are NOT spiritual are not failures. They are just on a different path. They are playing their part in this Play called Life. I often see Life as a Play (perhaps because I’m a theatre geek from way back), and I personally LOVE to know what’s happening Backstage even while I’m playing my part in this lifetime. I like to tap into the invisible world of Spirit, of energy, of other-worldly support and wisdom. But not everyone does. And that’s cool. I do believe more and more people are being Called to connect with what I call this Backstage realm. But I also believe many people are not called to do so! Dude, they are not “wrong.” They are just playing this game in a different way! This life on this messy emotional chaotic planet has intrinsic value of its own. And listening to or being interested in “channeling” is not necessary to playing your part with integrity, value, and meaning.


See, this is why I’ve been holding back my channeling gift from you.

Sorry about that.


Many of you have been asking me to channel more – to speak from that place like I do. Cause you feel how powerful it is for you to witness.

And I’ve been resisting – because I don’t want to be associated with other channels that are doing it in ways I don’t like.

That’s a bit of an ego thing on my part, though. And it comes from my own fear of being judged.

I don’t want to be seen as a woo-woo-guru-weirdo space cadet. I’m a freakin’ lawyer for crying out loud!


But I’ve been sitting with it, and…


I’m so grateful that my friend’s channeling pissed me off.

Because it spurred me to do 3 things.


  1. Stop being perfectionist about when and how I present my channeling, and just offer the gift when it feels right.
  2. Clarify how I feel about channeling, and how it’s different than other channels I’ve witnessed.
  3. Re-dedicate myself to channeling as much great pragmatic useful info as I can, on a regular basis, to those who want it, in order to have real impact within a select group of invested motivated folks.


So check this out – Would you say this about yourself?


  • I am an inspired spiritual creative person.
  • I don’t want to use spirituality for elitism, escapism, or judgmentalism.
  • I welcome the support and wisdom that comes from Spirit, angels, guides.
  • I trust my own gut more than any other “channel,” but it’s nice to get a professional translation once in a while to empower me.
  • I connect with spirit through laughter and joy as much as deep reverential awe.


And do you want to do this?


  1. Fuel yourself regularly with grounded wisdom, tips and tools straight from source.
  2. Connect with people around the world who share your values of spiritual integrity.
  3. Accelerate your healing and empowerment as a creative being while you laugh and cry in recognition of what really matters.



Then I made this membership community for you.

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Backstage with God

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