Happy Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead!


It’s a time to enjoy creepy dark stuff, and to celebrate the veil between life and death.  Whee!


For some of us, it’s not the spiders and snakes and graves that creep us out.

It’s consumerist sales practices, manipulative salesmen, and a global economy that values all the wrong stuff.


Is this you?

Is the whole energy around Selling, Sales, and Salesmanship

just about the creepiest energy you’ll find this Halloween Season?


Desperation for Money

Greedy Arrogance

Misuse of Power

Slimy Seduction Sorcery


All in the name of taking someone’s money for something they don’t need – by making them think they are not good enough without it.

Yes.  Muy Creepy.


You’re right on time.

Welcome to the waning moon while the sun’s in Scorpio, where all this stuff gets stirred up for healing and clearing. And I”m celebrating the season with a party online on Tuesday Want to join me?

Because it’s time to end the creepy sales tactic crap.


I know.  It seems impossible to clear Slimy Sales.  Cause it’s everywhere in our consumerist culture, where you could never be thin enough, rich enough, fit enough, perfect enough – to be “good enough.”



Makes me angry.

My skin crawls.


Yet… the Good Guys who want to serve the world with their business (that’s us) – we need to do the sales thing – just in a different way.  And we need each other to heal that wound and fear and icky feeling around Sales as it used to be done.


Join me Tuesday and we’ll help each other clear from the yucky sales, so we can open to integrity.


I know it’s scary to do sales for your biz.

The last thing you want to do is to be a creepy critter who makes people’s skin crawl.


Here’s the problem…

You do such awesome work.

But you’re not getting paid well.

Cause you’re avoiding the land of Sales

to avoid being a creepy critter.


When what we really need to do is to claim the NEW way of doing sales, that comes from honesty, service, and joyful investment in what’s a perfect fit!  It’s a commitment to each other to trade resources.  It’s a win-win!


So if you’re a biz person, or if you just want to come to some healing with the Sales Wound you carry, come to the free healing/clearing I’m leading on Tuesday live online.  It’ll be powerful and yummy.