I sent out an email a few days ago on the topic of our sensitive gifted kids, and invited responses…

The community responded!  And here’s some of the collective wisdom on the topic, all of which is going into creating the program for the Dragon Kids and their parents, which I’m still putting the finishing touches on…

Here’s what we say…

What’s important?

  • creating space for kids to thrive and feel “free” with their gifts
  • showing the parents that it’s all OK and teaching them how to hold that space
  • teaching kids to be respectful of other kids’ gifts too
  • a foundational reinvention of the current *cultural* narrative.
  • protection while they’re small – like a walled garden
  • respect for nature, for self, for others
  • healing the shame of being different
  • teaching them resilience
  • teaching parents to tune in with all realms of existence
  • energetic awareness as part of essential education
  • Validation of their words and needs and songs and emotions
  • teach them to listen to their ‘good sense’  and what their feeling body is saying rather than their mind
  • a Hogwarts school for sensitive intuitive kids
  • affirmation that they are loved and we think they are awesome
  • rituals and sacred space. Kids and adults need both of those to thrive. A safe place to explore and understand the invisible world.
  • Parenting kids to succeed in this world while keeping their spiritual gifts and abilities intact

And here are some snippets from the incredible array of passionate stories I received back from parents and others who care about our Dragon kids, the soul-gifted sensitive little ones…

“I’m a former magical kid myself. My light got shuttered a long time ago and I work a corporate job to make lots of $$$ that I dislike in order to have enough $$$ to create a shield wall for my kids. But I know I am setting a bad example by doing this.

“Until I learn how to recover and rekindle and shield my own light, my own energy – I’m not going to do a very good job of teaching my kids. This is what I want to learn for myself, so I can teach them how to do it. So much of parenting is leading by example, as you know.”

I think the best way that we can support these kids is to be active role models and mentors for them. So, they can see what weird magic adults look like, sound like, act like and are successful like…”

“I was wearing my 7-chakra pendant the other day and a 12-year old boy pointed at it and said, “cool.”  And English is not his first language.”

I cried after I read your email because it was a relief to realize there is someone else who is deeply affected and concerned about the fact that sensitive children are simply not valued or understood. Traditional schools do not recognize or nurture them, and humanity is missing out big time because of society’s failure to notice and take action to foster the growth of these gifted children.”

“Your message left me in tears, which are still lining my eyes as I try to type.  For what exactly, I’m not sure. Maybe it stirs memories of being bullied at that age myself. Or just knowing the heartache that a fellow sensitive soul must have felt being cut down like that. It’s not fair!  It’s not right!”“I also saw things that others didn’t see as a child. I had energy friends that I now recognize were/are pure, living prana but they played with me. Here I am 56 years later just finding out that I still have access on that level. Often times, I was shamed for being different and shut down my life force energy just like that little boy. I saw, I felt, I smelled, I encountered what others did not and on some level it has made me a hermit and a loner because I rarely met people I could share it all with.”

“I cry with you.  I was a kid who got shut down with seeing colors, playing in the trees with fairies, and then they were all gone…it is real, the invisible world, that they are not crazy, they have a gift and a secret world that others are missing out on.”

“I get it. It was moving to me and now I’m all emotional.  I have a 7 year old and I worry about this exact thing. I was a weirdo kid lol and I see my son, he’s a gentle, gifted little guy. I also noticed many of the kids I see at this age are as well.  I feel like they’re going to change the world but they do need help and guidance.”

“I was born and raised in Croatia, where everything was not so readily available, although we did not miss anything, and were kids are loved and imagination was encouraged. Living in America since 89, in today’s Internet and cell phones world I am worried too.”

“I have a toddler daughter at home. I’m first starting with allowing myself to play, imagine, and be weird, because she’ll be watching me. I notice and make an effort to drop my guards, normalcy, some fears, and gosh – even gender bias – to allow her to play, make a mess, to be wild, to let her be.”

“We need to hold space for the children, lift them when they fall. But I do think adults need this permission and nudge to be playful and weird too.”

“As a grandmother of 4 fascinating little (and not so little) ones, I’ve observed similar incidents and also the painful assimilation of the magical kids into “normalcy”. However, I do see that, like you and me, the magic will return to these kids. We need to do what we can to support them by taking the stands you suggest.”

“We can do so much damage to dreamers, creatives, empaths, and others who are in any way more fragile than the world generally likes. I want to punch someone every time I hear the phrase “develop a thick skin” or “stop being so sensitive.” What if, instead, we honored that sensitivity? What if we created spaces where imagination and stories and thinking in new ways were encouraged rather than shot down? What if we saw this kind of sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness?”

“My son was very emotional at school, so I went and picked him up.  I asked him why and what was the matter.  He couldn’t give a specific reason so I pressed.  From his little 6 year old mouth he said that he didn’t feel important or special, and disappointed in himself for not playing a larger role in the world to make it better.  He said he felt that he’s a leader but nobody at school gets it and that he isn’t able to freely express himself there and be who he is.   I was so astonished and proud at the same time!!!  What 6 year old thinks this way?????  …during the election/campaign time, he was very interested in politics.  But he said to me one night when I was putting him to bed, “Mom, you know there is a new planet forming, planet love.  On planet love there will be no need for politicians and presidents because everyone will just do the right thing.  Another astonishing and proud mommy moment.  I think some of these kids may know a thing or two more than we’d give them credit for.”

Your responses – ALL of your responses – moved me.  They moved me when I received them, and I’m crying as I’m assembling this array here.  Thank you so much for sharing this passion, this devotion, and this movement.

I’m creating a program full of clearing and kid-friendly techniques that I’ve used to help  these kids immediately and profoundly.  I’ll send out more info later this week.  But if you want to be a part of this, please comment below with “I’m interested.”  Thank you.