I want to tell you a personal story.  Cause I think you’ll relate.

When I accidentally got psychic in 2000, after having been a happy Catholic and lawyer, the thing that was the hardest was to feel like I couldn’t be “professional” anymore.

See, I’d always been a top student, Valedictorian, good girl, and frankly a pretty brilliant straight-A success. I made great money as a lawyer without working too dang hard, and lots of people respected me as a leader.

Then, I had a spiritual wake-up experience that left me aware of other dimensions, realities, and, well, a bunch of woo-woo stuff I had not previously even believed in. Suddenly, I was psychic.  I was one of “those people” that I’d always judged.  Um, *awkward!*

So I kind of went into hiding.  I mean, I started offering profound energy clearings to people all over the world (clearing long-held patterns that kept them back) and being paid well to do that.  But I didn’t market my work.  I made people discover me.  They had to kind of miraculously find me, then trust that I’d help them, and pay me, even if they’d never met me and lived on the other side of the planet.  In other words, I didn’t make it very easy for clients to find me. And it’s a good thing I was livin’ poor on the land, cause I didn’t make a ton of dough. 😉

Well, at a certain point, I needed to grow my biz beyond just having God do all my marketing for me. 😉  So I went and got some much needed training in modern internet based marketing.

But there was one BIG obstacle for me.

I was expected to pick a niche.

My teachers asked me to make SENSE of this super woo-power work I was doing.

I was supposed to make it understandable, approachable, and, well, RELEVANT to real people in the real world.


I resisted it.

I’m too magical to get specific.

I don’t want to limit the limitless power of my work.”

(and secretly)

I’m scared that if I make a promise to my clients that they will get real results, that I’ll fail and they’ll hate me and everyone will laugh and point and then they’ll tie me to a post on a pile of wood and light me on fire chanting “burn the witch.”


Maybe I went a little dark with that last statement.

But honestly, that’s where my mind went in the dark corners.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my own niche – the entry point problem that I can solve so easily, which solves a super valuable problem in the real world for real people….

My niche…

Is helping spiritual entrepreneurs identify their niche.

In other words, I can sit with someone and, in just a couple of hours, download to them with clarity what is their

1. deepest gift,

2. life purpose,

3. big life patterns and contracts,

4. right role in the world,

5. best strategic market and niche, and

6. the next steps to build a lucrative biz on that niche

* (oh yah and I also clear all the crap that’s holding them back from the inside).

Whew.  This work saves people years of struggle, unclarity, and the excruciating soul-level pain of throwing your heart and soul into the WRONG-fit business.

As soon as my own niche became clear, my income doubled, then tripled. I became a sought-after expert and speaker.   It’s hard to believe I used to be SO scared to have a niche.  I used to think it would cause me to be burned at the stake.

And, ironically, guess what they call me now?

Niche Witch.

Yep.  It rhymes.  And it’s true.  And no one is burning me.

Instead, I’m doing the work of huge impact for creative visionary people who might otherwise never make enough money to focus on their sacred work.  They give me a day and some money, I give them the clarity that they would take years of trial and error trying to find on their own.

>>> Mellissa – I want you to be my Niche Witch – tell me the best-fit business plan for me! <<<

Check out what a recent client had to say about my VIP Business Clarity Session like what I’ve described above…


Before my VIP session with Mellissa, even though I’m a peak performer, an international leader in my company, I was feeling stuck in overwhelm and heaviness.  I felt “trapped,”  and unsure about where my business could go next.

It’s one day later after my session with Mellissa, and I already feel totally different. I feel lighter, like heavy things were lifted off me. 

In just one day, I’ve made more progress than I have in the past year. I finally understand what I’m here for.   Miracles are happening to me – I just got connected to a the perfect high-level ally who will set me up for my new expertise direction.

I was able to start a side project I wanted for the last few months.  In the session I had a vision of it, and everyone who I wanted involved said YES immediately!

And also a friend recommended me a client who ended up being exactly like the one from my ideal client profile.  I feel so passionate to work with this person.

Finally, I feel confident with my expertise for this solution like no one else. I know it’s because I finally know what I’m really here for. 

The session with Mellissa yesterday opened the gates, just like she said it would!

Justyna K.

Program Director, London


Cool, right?  There are quite a few people who count their business and lives as “before I worked with Mellissa” and “after I worked with Mellissa” and this VIP Day is usually what they’re talking about.

Pretty awesome.

So if you’re ready for the big clarity without the big struggle,

and if you’re willing to make money easier,

and you are devoted to doing what your soul came here to do and make great money doing it,

>>> Save yourself years of struggle – register for your VIP session with me <<<

I can’t wait to see what happens with you when you finally just KNOW your soul’s own business plan, and the easiest steps to get you there!

Here’s to your Soul Gifted Success!