How to Survive this Cosmic Rip Current – when there are retrograde planets

Full Moon Scorpio and a Retro-Planet-party

April 21 – May 6, 2016


mellissa beach


I live on the beach in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.  And I grew up on this beach.  (Pretty awesome, right?) The biggest danger at the beach (apart from sunburn of course) is the Rip Current.

The rip current is a circular flow of water off the beach that can sweep you far out to sea, scaring the be-jeezus out of you.  And if you swim hard against it, you’ll just get tired. And that’s when people can drown. They fight the current so hard, they lose their strength. (Sound familiar?  Do you ever fight the current of life like that? Uh – Dude, I do.  Too often! 😉


Well, we’ve got a heck of a Rip Current happening energetically right now.  Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are all pulling us back out to sea.  And next week, Mercury goes retrograde too (thereby knocking the skeg off our collective surfboard).

Plus, it’s the Full Moon in Scorpio, which is always a great time to release the bull**it and get real about the deep waters we’ve been avoiding.

Perfect time to back float, and let this dang Cosmic Rip Current take you on out into the deep waters.  Don’t fight it.

RipTidePosterJust like in the ocean rip currents –  the key is to surrender to the flow.  The best thing is to float, trusting and knowing that a rip current is circular.  It takes you out to sea, but then it draws you back into the shore, albeit you’ll likely end up a good ways down from where you started.

And that’s what’s up, surfers.  It’s time to chill out, float, and let all this take you on out.  You will return eventually, far down the beach from where you started.  Think of it as an easy-peasy transformation.

And give yourself a lot of credit for not fighting.

If you see someone near you fighting the current in the next couple of weeks, please do remind them to do the back float and gander up at the starry sky, letting the Mystery do her work on us.