That’s what’s rising.  She has the power to balance this culture – turning the collective heart back towards what is sacred to us, what is poignant and meaningful, and what is truly valuable.

wisewoman8x8Before we tell you how She does it, let’s define a couple things:

Dark: Dark is not “bad” or “evil.”  Dark is a quality of energy that moves under the surface, with mystery, and with a power that is not obvious.  Birth, sex, growth, change, and hidden wisdom are all “Dark.”  And they can be good or bad (like anything) based on the intention driving them.  In this case, we refer to the Dark in it’s beautiful integrity – the deep mystic and holy force of transformation for the highest good.

Feminine: Feminine is not just “female” or what our culture has assigned to females.  Feminine is energy that is receptive, nurturing, richly diverse, and embracing.  It complements the Masculine qualities of directness, penetration, linear, and singular.  All women and men have both types of energy.  Yet female bodies and brains are designed to run more “feminine” energy than males are.  And this culture has been afraid of the power of the Feminine qualities for a few thousand years, so people are touchy about even mentioning Feminine – as if it immediately degrades men.  Not true.  Here, we point to the emergence of the Feminine as an energy we ALL need more of, individually and culturally, to balance our current culture and world.    That’s why I also include the word “Balance” above.  I think you got that one without me defining it further.

So now let’s take a look at the process that Dark Feminine Balance utilizes in creating change in our lives and in the world… Ready?

Here’s how she does it:

1. Shake it Up

2. Turn up the Heat

3. Force us to Feel

4. Make it Personal

5. Spontaneous Creative Birth of the New

Now let’s go through these 5 steps, and look at how this is happening to YOU right now, and to our culture as a whole.

1. Shake it Up

For you, this likely came as a traumatic event – something that shook you out of your numb trance of work and routine.  And since that time, you’ve been “different.”  You’ve been noticing things you didn’t notice before.  You’ve become irritated by things that never bothered you before.  What was it that shook it up for you in your life?

For our culture, a major “shake it up” happened with the fall of the twin towers in New York.  My indigenous family says this was part of what marked the beginning of the Time of No Time, during the time period 2000-2003, which has been long prophesied as a time when the world culture would be turned upside down.

2. Turn up the Heat

For you, this followed the trauma – a feeling of rising hot pressure that you are here for something MORE.  You may have a sneaking suspicion that your whole life has been leading up to NOW – this time – when you are supposed to fulfill some kind of destiny.  You are waiting, and you are burning.  You are impatient.  But you know you can’t burst until the way is clear, and your purpose is known.

For our culture, this has included a rise in fear-based politics, and the revealing of lots of injustice that has been happening for some time.  Black Lives Matter is a sign that we are finally noticing what has been happening all along with our African American community, for example.  And we are finally upset about it.  The heat is up.  Money seems harder.  Jobs seem fewer.  Our desperation and fear are literally heating up.

3. Force us to Feel

Empathy is no longer optional.  Now, it is mandatory. There is no where to hide from seeing, witnessing, and feeling the trauma of our human family all over the world.  This is the same for the individual and for the culture as a whole.  Fueled in part by “social media” which has eyes and ears everywhere, our media saturates our days with the witnessing of trauma and victory of “strangers” all over the world.  Our hearts are designed to feel all of it.  And we do.  Some of us, who are natural Empaths, feel it extra.  Some of us numb ourselves to the pain and choose judgment and protectionism instead of compassion.  But those protectionists are simply internalizing the pain of the compassion and empathy they can’t help but feel.  They do feel it too.  They just respond differently.  We are ALL empaths now.  It’s what we do with that pain that determines whether it expresses as exclusionary judgement or compassionate inclusion.  No one is immune to the feels.

4. Make it Personal

No one can avoid the direct and personal effects of the break-downs in the global economy, values, environment and community.  Instead of living in insular hidden little family units, we are more spread out than ever.  We move every 3 years. We know lots of people. We have “extended” family all over the world.  This expansion has made it so that someone we know, right now, is dealing with the pain of “immigration.”  Someone we know is being judged for being gay.  Someone we know has been victimized by sexual abuse (almost half the folks we know, actually).  Someone is being threatened by global warming weather changes (hurricanes, anyone?). Someone we know has considered suicide recently.  Someone we know has Cancer, or has been lost to it.

It’s personal.  And we feel it.  Whether we are 1%ers or 99%ers or other – we feel it personally.  It’s no longer someone else’s problem.

5. Spontaneous Creative Birth of the New

In your life, you have reached a point of desperation.  You are finally so desperate that you are willing (forced) to ask for help.  You are looking for your tribe, your team, teachings and leaders you can Trust.  You are opening to the divine for help and guidance, power and transformation.  And it’s working.  It’s time.  Something is birthing through you.  And you can’t do it alone.

In our culture, we are reaching a boiling point.  The planet’s weather systems are shifting fast.  The economic divide separating people is wide and growing wider.  People are ready to pop.  Something is birthing through us, but it’s a big long messy birth.  And it needs as many individuals as possible to embody the divinely guided birth, so that the collective can follow suit.

These are the 5 steps or stages She guides us through – the Dark Feminine Balance energy (or the Dark Mother, or Mother Earth, or the Dark Goddess, or Kali, or whatever other name you want to give Her)

And no, they are not comfortable.

Comfort is not what creates change in humans.


Birth is not comfortable.

Death is not comfortable.

These are two of the major portals held by Her.

They are also the two most poignant and meaningful events in our lives.

This Dark Feminine has been underground, hidden.

But she has been at work, still.

Our job now is simply to acknowledge Her movement in our lives and culture, and to participate as co-creators in what is happening.

She can not be controlled.

And She can no longer be hidden.

And that is good news.

We are here to change, to heal, and to love more fully.

And she is here to guide us in doing just that.


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