What up, Witches?  Happy Samhain, Halloween, and Day of the Dead!

If you are an over emotional nutjob (I mean a Sacred Empath) then I’ve got a special class/healing/transmission –  a LIVE online event on Thursday from 1 pm – 2 pm called 

How to Leverage Your Dark Emotions to Create Wealth

that will show you how to use those emotional swings, surges, and freakin’ electrical storms happening inside of you to generate WEALTH.  Yah.

It’s not just about the happy happy positive affirmations that do the trick.  Your “negative” emotions are also the raw fuel for your womb-manifestation machine that runs 24/7.


Want in on the secrets?  Instead of paying $500 to spend an hour with me one-on-one, you can spend an hour with me and other powerhouses all over the world for only $30 and totally magnify your wealth makin’ by putting those emotions to Work for you!  Yay!