Not sure if you saw my blog post the other day, that told the story about the kid in the park (check that out here).  But since then, I’ve had over 50 passionate responses about it from people all over the world.  And I’m obsessed – in a really good way – and ready to create a solution that can serve sensitive kids and their parents.

Why? Lemme tell ya…

I look around this world, with the issues that need solved now, and I realize three things…

1.  I care most about helping  soul-gifted intuitively-guided innovative leaders make the impact they came here to make.

And our future leaders are struggling right now – as highly sensitive misunderstood genius kids who need our help.  

I call them Soul Gifted Kids.  I call them Dragon Kids.  

They have more energy than they are “supposed” to.  And they are more sensitive and energy aware than this culture understands.  But we get it.  Because we were that kid!  And now we are leaders…


2. I want to help YOU – as someone who is an innovative leader NOW, and as a leader-parent!

Do you realize that as a conscious parent, you ARE an innovative leader?


You parent consciously.  You know how precious that is?

Your kids are sensitive intense creatives (like you – duh) and they already don’t “fit in.”

Your brilliant kids have different experiences and needs than other kids.


As my dad loves to say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Well, there’s some truth to it.  Your kids are smart, sensitive, and plugged in.

And yes, that is “different.”


These kids may be seen as “overly sensitive, over imaginative, overly energized” to some people, but these same Gifts will also make them into the leaders we have been waiting for, if we can just get them to adulthood with their dignity intact.


Your role as an innovative parent is key to their making it to their own confident adult leadership.


And you’ve been telling me through passionate tear-stained emails that you want this more than any other purpose in your life.


3.  Our Soul Gifted sensitive Kids need special supportive training to understand and use their gifts.  They need this empowerment to avoid being judged, brutalized by the world, and labeled as broken.


In a culture that is post-indigenous, built on technology and patriarchy, on efficiency and capitalism, our sensitive Soul Gifted Kids need some extra tools to grow to be leaders.

  • Tools to hold their own energy intact, and not be overwhelmed by outer energies.
  • Tools to turn their problem areas into superpowers.
  • Tools to ground deeply into the magic that is theirs to claim.


I mean why do you think Harry Potter books are so dang popular?

It’s because right now, there are lots of magical kids who really do need a wizard school.


So, with your help, I’m creating one – a school for parents and kids – a home study way that doesn’t take too much time, that is fun, that builds better relationships.



Hey, I’ve helped a lot of kids learn about their magic.  I’ve given them direct clearings. And it really evens them out.


I’ve helped kids who seemed autistic suddenly not seem so.

I’ve helped kids who could not sleep a wink to finally be able to ground and rest.

I’ve helped kids who wouldn’t look me in the eye to come to the place where they wanted to hug me and others they know and love.

I’ve done this for clients, for family, for friends.  And it comes very naturally.  I see and understand these kids.  And I can clear them, show them fun tools, and explain it all to their folks.

It’s too important.  I need to find a way to share this widely.



I am creating something for your soul-gifted kids.  I can’t tell you all about it just yet, but I could use your help developing it – making sure that I provide the best help for these magical kiddos…


So if this moves you, please comment below me and share with me the single biggest challenge your beloved gifted amped up dragon kids face…


Because your input right now will help me design the perfect resources, games, and support for these kids we love.


Just comment below and talk to me about it… 

I will read your comment, send clearing and blessings for the kid!





P.S.  I am also aware that sometimes these soul-gifted kids’ behavior can be super challenging to a world that is not designed for them.  I know that many (like kids in my own family) can be diagnosed or mis-diagnosed, judged, bullied, restrained, and basically shut-down.  It can be brutal.  It can be also really hard to parent these dragon kids.  So I want to acknowledge you for facing this, for sharing it with me, and for talking about it.  Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or a god-parent of one of these special gifted kids, I just want to thank you for loving them, for holding your patience, and for seeing the potential of their greatness and supporting that.  Please do comment below and tell me about how it is for you, and for the kid you love.  This will help me help you further.  Thank you!