We are all growing more Empathetic.

We are noticing, feeling, and suffering more with our human family members all over the world.

And it ain’t always pretty. 😉

Globally – There is an Empathy Revolution afoot.

You know how when we become teenagers, we suddenly grow more aware of all the world around us, and

We grow more sensitive to others’ feelings.

We grow so sensitive that we become moody a**holes for a few years, Right?

That’s what’s happening all over the world right now.

En mass, the global population’s empathy sensitivity is going UP fast.

It’s the current stage of human evolution.

And while you’d think this would cause massive snuggle-ins, the end of all wars, and the death of bigotry of all kinds –

First, it’s causing the same thing that happens in adolescence.

It’s causing massive tantrums, rebellions, and reactive violence sourced in existential pain.


We are all feeling it big time.

We feel the suffering of people in tragedies around the world.

We ache to end the lies, the deceit, and the warmongering.

What to do?  We feel so overwhelmed…

We need a broader perspective.

So let’s back up.  WAY up.

Let’s back way way way up, until we are standing backstage with God.

You know that whole “Life is a Play, and we but actors on a stage” metaphor?

I’m a drama geek.  And I freakin LOVE that metaphor.

Plus, it’s True.

The unseen world is backstage, pulling the strings.  We are just playing it out.

Yet we keep trying to understand the reasons, the timing, and the progression of this play while we are acting onstage, caught up in the drama.

That doesn’t work.

So how do you get backstage?

Do you gotta sit in meditation for hours (who’s got the time?)??

Do you need to run away to Costa Rica and hide from the First World?

Do you have to isolate yourself in a McMansion and call it a “temple?”


Yet I bet you’ve had those moments where the veil lifts, the curtain parts, even if just for a moment – and you suddenly “get it” – why things happen as they do, why you had to suffer, why it all actually makes perfect sense.

Have you had a fleeting moment of that before?

And the imprint of that moment – that’s what creates the strong Faith that can get you through other tough times, right?

It’s a natural thing.  “Backstage” is super accessible, though you might need a little help.

So let’s have more of that.

Let’s go Backstage with God.

We can do this together.

Can I toot my horn for a minute, and offer to help?

My greatest Gift in this lifetime is this:

I can part that curtain at will, and give voice to that Backstage with God reality.

Some people call it channeling.  I’ve been called an Oracle.

To me, it feels more like translating.  And it’s very accessible and natural.

I go Backstage with God and I give it voice for you.

When I do it, people nod, and they open, and they FEEL the unquestionable truth of the transmission. 

That’s why I trust it.  And that’s why they trust it.

Because we all feel the Truth in it.

And because the information is pragmatic – it solves real problems in the Real World (the onstage play of life).

And what’s really cool…

When I give Voice to the Backstage reality,  those present can suddenly see and feel beyond the curtain too. 

And together, we discover the backstage Truth – the Truth that goes beyond the drama that is always playing out onstage.

Now every time I admit this Gift of mine, I get scared that you’re going to think I’m setting myself up as a know-it-all.

I’m not a know-it-all Guru.  But I’m a heck of a Truth Speaker.  And often, I hear it only after I’ve spoken it.

I’m a translator.  I’m a messenger.

And the Backstage truths ARE very very big.  And I am built to bring them through.  It’s what I was born to do.

I was born to share this Gift with you, because you are every bit as holy, as connected, and as cherished as me or anyone else.

We all have different parts to play.  But we are all being directed, guided, and supported, by the same team backstage.

The  most fun, poignant, meaningful challenge in Life – is to STAY in the play, to keep living fully, AND to be in touch with the director/producer/support team “backstage” simultaneously.

And I’m devoted to helping us all do just that.

Want to join me in this?  Check out Backstage With God