Do you love being in your creative genius flow where ideas, inspiration, and money flow effortlessly?
I say that flow happens when we are acting as Creative Conduits.

Improv is the essential art of the Creative Conduit.

Can you relate?
You know those moments when something genius flows out of you – you say something amazing, you create some spontaneous act of beauty, you do something spectacular – and you have NO idea where it came from?

In that moment, your Creative Conduit was wide open, and you became the Creative Conduit!

And the next moment, usually, you’d be trying to grasp it again – to repeat the magic moment.
And that doesn’t work.
Grasping, controlling, planning, and analyzing all shut down the Creative Conduit.
In fact, it creates frustration, grasping, and stuckness.
It creates compulsion, obsession, and addiction.
Closing that dang Creative Conduit is what makes us so grumpy and poopy a lot of the time.

So how can we open the Creative Conduit at will, and source our genius, our artistry, and our deep flowing miracle mind at a moment’s notice?

That is the Art of the Creative Conduit. And one of the main tools we use to practice the art is Improvisation – collaboratively creating stories and games together that move the critical mind out of the way and open the conduit for creative genius. (no pressure, right? geesh!)

Join Mellissa Seaman for an exploratory experiential playshop at the Haven.

Improv Playshop
Creative Conduit
with Mellissa Seaman

Thursday May 11, 2017
6:00PM – 8:00PM
at the Haven
Nevada City, CA

REGISTER now to save your spot:

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$10 pre-payment required to save your spot.
If you can afford to pay more, that would be very nice – at the event. All profits go to Women for Women International.
Space is limited.

*** Prequalifications?***
Just your attitude…
All improv levels are welcome, including brand new beginners.

You just need to be willing to jump right in, listen to guidance, and choose a playful positive mood.
If you can do that, you’ll do great, and you’ll have a blast.

*** Warning – if you whine, resist, or try to reason your way through this, you will be lovingly teased and encouraged to lighten up. ***

In other words, show up with your childlike beginner mind, ready to listen and have fun, and you’ll learn a LOT about your own creative potential and how to turn on the tap of your genius!

*** About Mellissa ***

Mellissa has been playing and teaching improvisation since 1991 when she studied the art as an undergrad at Stanford University. She was one of the founding members of the Stanford Improvisers. She also founded the San Diego Center for the Improvisational Arts/San Diego Theatresports (TM) which continued for 20 years, and later she even founded and directed a performing improv troupe at her community home of Harbin Hot Springs. She’s used improv to teach speaking, business, enlightenment, parenting, communication, and even trial lawyering. Now she uses improv as one of her main tools to teach people to bring their Soul’s Gift into the world with creativity, innovation, and prosperity. Learn more about her Soul Gift approach through her quiz at

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