You are invited to a special event designed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs (especially women, but men are welcome too) in Nevada City, CA on Wednesday, May 10 at 6 PM – 8 PM.
You’ll earn how to attract the right clients to your inspired biz, in alignment with your soul, and without selling out.

Space is limited – you need to register for $10 to hold your spot, and get directions. All proceeds go to charity (WomenforWomen International)


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Make Money with your Soul’s Work
A 2-hour Experiential Workshop with a Massive Money-Block Clearing

Creative, intuitive, spiritual women entrepreneurs like us have special concerns when it comes to making money, attracting clients, and being paid well.

But we are READY – to finally go public, have impact, and make plenty of money so we can finally RELAX and do what we came here to do.

This 2 hour workshop and healing experience will show you how to…

* Attract the perfect clients who are destined to work with you
* Identify the Magic Words that describe your valuable work, (even to normies, muggles, and your parents 😉
* Channel abundance directly from your soul’s gift

We will also find peace with some of the sticky questions that may be keeping you blocked from making money with your gift, and share a big clearing transmission to get the blocks out of the way, in alignment with the Highest Good.

* Is spiritual devotion contradictory to “making sales?”
* Spirit work – should it always be free?
* If I step up and be seen, will I be vilified and killed like last time?

We can’t afford to keep being knocked down by our fear of money and success. The world needs us now. And we need to be supported, held, and paid well.

That’s why this evening will also have a potent clearing of our money blocks included.

If you are tired of waiting, tired of struggling to make rent, tired of waiting for some magical rich guy to show up and give you a fat check to fund your spiritual work, then you’re ready for this live experience with Mellissa.

And you may be ready for more work with her. While there won’t be a big salesy pitch, at the end of the presentation, you will be offered an opportunity to claim a partial scholarship to her Soul Gift Business School program, if you feel you want more training with her.

About Mellissa

Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford-educated former business attorney turned professional intuitive. She went from living practicing law in San Diego, to living by the creek at Harbin Hot Springs, to being paid up to $2,000 per hour by Fortune 100 business leaders to speak from her spiritual gift, to provide energy clearings, and to help them align new-paradigm business with spiritual integrity and purpose. She created the Soul Gift system to help powerful leaders bridge the worlds, starting with the Soul Gift Quiz at

She’s a sought-after speaker and teacher. But she’s not just following the paycheck. Mellissa has a deep Calling to guide other spirit women to become well-paid experts who can make a global impact. Her Soul Gift Business School is the only online business school that empowers intuitively gifted folk to create wealth from the essential foundation of their Soul Gift.

Wealth is about giving. Each year, Mellissa gives away thousands of dollars to support women’s business development in troubled areas around the world. And many of her speaking events are designed to raise funds for these women, in partnership with Women For Women International.

Women are the leaders of the future. Mellissa visions a world where innovative leaders, sourced from the soul, co-create a world that holds sacred the heart and soul of humanity.

Is this right for you?

If your soul is Calling you to be a spiritually-guided leader, to stand as a valuable expert in your own domain, and to finally make enough money to relax and focus on doing what your soul came here to do, then you will benefit greatly from Mellissa’s message and transmission. Hope to see you there.

This is a fundraiser event for Women for Women International. At the event, you’ll be encouraged to give according to your ability.

There is a $10 reservation fee to hold your seat and get the directions to the location. You need to register via paypal using the link below to come to this event. Space is limited.

Register here now:

Name of person attending
Best email or ph# for text

You’ll get directions to the beautiful venue after you register here for $10. No refunds for this fee. All profits go to charity.

PS – Also check out my Improv Playshop happening the next night in Nevada City – it’s here –