BuddhaFull Moon in Gemini

Nov 25 – Dec 11, 2015


The Feisty Time


Welcome to the Season of Peace! Tra la la!


Except it doesn’t feel so peaceful, does it? Not so much.


This Gemini Full Moon energy we are all steeping in right now is producing a gritty rub in the cosmos and in the world. It’s an, “Ew you just kicked sand in my mouth” kinda gritty and it’s not at all delightful.


With the recent upset in the world, this whole terrorism thing is not just about terrorists; it’s about how terror is becoming a belief set of its own. Terror seems to be the new religion, and fear is recruiting new disciples all over the world.


So what can we do to stay out of a viral belief structure that doesn’t do anyone any good? Here’s how I see it:

You can make choices from fear, or you can make choices from love.

Some people like to do the former because it’s how they were trained to stay safe, while others strive to do the latter, even though this means facing the reality that they don’t control everything.

Both groups are completely convinced they are doing the “right thing.”

Instead of focusing on the conflicting issues, let’s reach for something that can actually help.


Start by just acknowledging these are gritty, feisty times.


Oh, yes.


And anger.

And righteousness.


Accepting that things are gritty and feisty while we’re asked to hold candles and sing songs all together in the Holy Season is a bit of stretch right now. So how do we get from feisty to fellowship?


Here’s a story that might help you make it through this Feisty Gemini Moon time…..


smiling monksThere was once a community of Buddhist monks who held an annual debate tournament. Not only was this an event that the monks all loved, it was an important part of the training at the monastery. The monks set the subject of the debate ahead of time, selecting a hot topic that would get people all fired up. And the monks had to be prepared to debate BOTH sides of the hot topic with equal passion and verve.


Now, in a normal, debate, how would the “winner” be decided? It would likely go to whomever gave the best argument, or the best presentation, or who could swing the others to their “side” of the debate, right?


Not with these enlightened guys. The monks made it simple: The first monk who lost his smile lost.  He was eliminated from the tournament.


So in order to win, the monk had to keep up a genuine smile and good nature, all while passionately debating his position.


The key to winning this game is to not get so passionately embroiled in the argument that contentment and humor are lost.


What would it be like to take on this challenge?


Is it possible to be in this feisty state, caring about the things happening in the world passionately, and still live within the Peace of the Season?


Seeing both sides of the story is a Gemini gift that builds compassion and peace.


These monks understood that participating in a debate with a smile is more valuable than being right. They bring Gemini energy to the act contrary conversation and with it, they accept reality and embrace the wholeness of truth.


This season, as the energies rub up against each other and create a big, feisty, gritty mess of our emotions, I challenge you to keep your smile, maintain your big vision, and reach for the understanding of both sides of the story, no matter what story is thrown at you. Practice joyfulness every day, and I will too.   And if you do accidentally lose your smile in the midst of it, just stop, take a breath, and see if you can see the other side of the story so you can regain that smile, knowing no one ever has all the answers.

Share below how you are navigating these feisty times. 


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Sending you blessings during the feisty sacred season!