Feminine Manifestation Begins Again
Energetic Forecast
New Moon Capricorn
January 7 – 23, 2016

Look, Mercury is in Retrograde. So let’s keep this simple!

Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn is the first big Manifesting Moon of the new year! It’s a great time to create your goal lists, your wish lists, and your to-do lists.

And that will tempt you to push and push and pressure and work way too hard.

Instead, make your New Moon wish-list from a dreamy place of pleasure, and then, until Jan 25 when Mercury goes direct, spend your time gently cleaning out the old crap, organizing your gear, and fluffing your nest. This is the flavor of feminine manifestation that works this month. Nothing else will.

You’re clear to connect and enjoy and learn within the web of sisterhood, too. It’s so different than bashing your head against bricks to force new info in!

Along those lines – I am excited to invite you to the Feminine Leader Activation Summit. I am honored to be truth telling and wisdom sharing alongside 15 women leaders on how we activated our inherent feminine power to step deeper into purpose, manifest our deepest desires and make global change.

You will learn (the relaxed feminine sharing way) about 5 important aspects of feminine leadership, including how to:

Join us at the Feminine Leadership Activation Summit– understand the power of feminine source

– create grace and ease to balance family, work and self-care

– shift your relationship with money so it feels good to be compensated

– flow with your cycle to work more efficiently

– tap into your sexuality to fuel your purpose

– use the power of orgasm to manifest your soul’s desires

So instead of hammering away when it won’t work, you can relax and be transformed with your sisters! Yay!

You don’t want to miss this inspiring and transformational event from Jan 11 – 16.

Sign up for *free* here.