I’ve always been intuitive.  I’ve always been creative. I had imaginary friends as a kid.  I made beautiful art, and was the school photographer, and always prayed in my Catholic Church and especially outside with the trees.  And I heard God send me gentle messages. I could imagine angels watching over me. So yes, I’ve always been intuitive. For sure. But I was also the valedictorian of my high school, a Stanford graduate, and eventually a business litigation specialist and practicing lawyer.  And by the time I was married and having kids, I really felt like I had it all: big house, cars, marriage, and living near the beach in San Diego. I was living the dream I’d always had.

I was not expecting the radical change that would turn my world upside down.  I was not looking to get psychic. I wasn’t even sure I believed in that stuff.  But when I gave birth to my daughter, Clarise, in the year 2000, everything changed.  After birthing Clarise, that gentle feeling of guidance I’d sometimes experienced amplified into lucid visions of Spirit Guides, angels, and spirits speaking to me in clear messages.  I was having vistations in waking time as well as in dreamtime. I was told and shown things that turned out to be true. Things I should not have known. I was guided to track and clear my own energy, which healed things in my body.  I was guided to track and clear the energy of others, which healed them too.

Suddenly, my understanding of many things was blown outside the previous Catholic box I’d been utilizing previously.  And although these visions made “sense” to me, and helped me in my real life, I knew darn well they were not “normal.”  And I knew they didn’t fit in the rules of my religion.

I wanted to share the joy and usefulness of all this new stuff with all my friends!  But no one knew what I was talking about. And my Catholic friends, husband, family, and community all struggled to understand me.  As much as they loved me, they were worried for me.

I was frustrated.

“Oh great,” I thought, “now I’m going to be one of THOSE people?!!!”

I’m an avid student.  So of course I tried to study “this stuff.”  And so much of what I found sounded hokey, or cultish, or wacky, or arrogant.

“Dude.  I went to Stanford.  I need someone to explain this to me so it makes SENSE.”

But I didn’t easily find intuitive teachers who had my education, or my perspective, or my lawyer’s mind…

And I wanted an approach that was pragmatic, not woo woo.

I could sense these intuitive gifts could be USEFUL in the REAL world.

It seemed to me that too many intuitively gifted people were getting distracted and pulled out of the real world, focusing on their past lives more than their current one.

What a friggen waste.

Now I did find some great teachers and guides.  I found Maria Yraceburu who is a Native American ceremonialist, and she basically adopted me, but also told me she didn’t want to train me too much since I was already channeling my guides, and that’s kinda the whole point of “training.”  Instead, we worked together, guiding ritual, teaching classes. And I found Beatrex Quntanna who had been teaching metaphysical arts for close to 30 years. She taught me so much. And they both loved that I was all about the real world, wanting to keep it pragmatic and make sense of things from a new language.  They listened to me as much as I listened to them.

But I also figured out my own ways to go about managing my Channel.  I organized my Spirit Guides into sort of corporate departments to help me in different areas of my life.  I allowed through me a voice of feminine genius that I called YoniSpeak, to teach me and others about the feminine ways of creating in the world.  As I trained other women in the arts of channeling, I mapped out the pathways of initiation that we all seem to be guided through as we open to this natural art.  And I ended up teaching all over the place, helping guide experiences that opened channels… in Europe as well as the US, but especially in Northern and Southern California. I did it my own way.  I channeled it. And I let my teachers keep me in integrity as I developed my own way.

Now, I share the system and map I’ve developed that makes sense of Channeling, especially with other intellectuals who are accidentally awakening intuitively.  And I do it like my teachers did. I share the map. And I share support. I guide. I channel. And I listen. Because my students are channels too. And when they grow beyond me, I celebrate.  Because now, these days, in this chaotic rapidly changing world, I want one thing. I want our leaders to be Channels of Genius, who work together and co-create the innovative inspiring solutions to this world’s problems.  Because it’s not about me. It’s about the Genius that is waiting to Channel through ALL of us when we finally get the heck out of the way.

Thank you to Clarise for  being my can opener. She is now 18 years old.  And she is a Channel of Genius. She takes great pride in the fact that her birth blew me open.

What is opening your channel these days?

What do you need to open it further?

Comment below and let us know.