Remember how Charlie Brown would say “Good Grief?”

Turns out he was right.


Grief is good.

It’s even good for business.

That is, it’s good for business if you’re in the business of authentically offering your true message to the world.


I’ll tell you the highlights in a minute, and if you want to learn the real secrets (join us Tuesday live online)


Why is Grief good for biz?


Mellissa on the Kitchen FloorI’ve been engaged in some personal research on this truth, since my sweet mom died a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been immersed in the grief process while simultaneously allowing my work to slow but continue flowing out of me.

I can tell you that YES Grief is a big helper in some ways!

Consider some of the things that keep you from being soul successful – from doing what your soul really came here to do.


Grief fixes this stuff pretty darn fast:

  1. Rushing.  Hey – good news!  Grief is the cure to rushing.   Your body just won’t do it when you’re grieving.  Everything is S.L.O.W.
  2. Superficiality.  While grieving, you can smell superficial fakey stuff a mile away.  And you can’t stand being near it, much less letting it come through your mouth.  Yay!
  3. Egoism. – Grieving (perhaps harshly) wakes us up to the essential fact that we don’t control anything – and that our performance, our looks, our egoic stuff – is just not important.  Yah, it’s a strip-me-bare kind of lesson, but the point certainly gets made.

And Grief, when welcomed, accentuates more good stuff that makes your “business” of life more meaningful, authentic, and magnetic.  Stuff like:

  1. Compassion.  Suddenly we see that everyone is grieving something.  And we feel them.  We’ve got a connection – like a secret club – that includes just about everyone in humanity.
  2. Humility. No more “that could never happen to me” syndrome.  Yes, it knocks us right off the high horse.  Whee!
  3. Gratitude. Stuff we took for granted before – we suddenly savor it and cry.  Time with loved ones.  Beautiful sunsets.  Finally – we notice.  And we are grateful.

Here’s the thing…

There’s nothing like death, loss, and grief to leave us, scraped to the bone, in the lap of the Great Mystery.  Oh yah.  Grateful.  Humbled.  Re-connected to global empathy.


And isn’t that the way you’d want YOUR “teacher” to be?


I mean, the “teachers” who are push arrogant fakers are the irritating ones, right?


So why not, then, embrace the Grief, and let it authenticize you.  Yes.  That’s a new word.  Authenticize.


Because an Authenticized (OK – “authentic”) Teacher is trustworthy, grounded, and more likely plugged into the Source of Wisdom, dontcha think?


Be the teacher you’ve been waiting for.

Be yourself.


And if you want to celebrate how to use your “negative” emotions, including Grief, to be a better and better teacher, speaker, coach, healer and consultant… as well as a better dang person….

Join me Tuesday, October 20, 2015 for a no-cost live online event where I’ll lay it bare and share the secrets as I’ve discovered them of how to leverage your tough emotional times, your bad moods, and your grief periods into a deeper, more authentic, and frankly a more successful business sharing your wisdom.


It’ll be fun.  As fun as Grief gets!