What poignant feels are moving through today – with grief and gratitude raging together in my heart.


Did I already tell you- I used to be a lawyer.  And then, through an ecstatic birthing experience of my daughter in 2000, I became very psychic.  Sounds cool, I know.   But it was also pretty traumatic.  My Catholic friends and family didn’t know what to do with me.  I felt alone, rejected, and yet coming alive on a level I’d never felt before.


So, like many folks with broken hearts and frazzled nervous systems, I took refuge at a magical place called Harbin Hot Springs.


For seven years – I lived in a hobbit house by the creek, soaked in the spring waters, and learned how to dive deeply into myself to learn how to walk consciously in this world.  I was welcomed, held, and nurtured by a community of about 300 people for seven years – the Harbin Community.  Together, we built a temple out of mud, and then we danced and prayed and did yoga regularly on it’s clay floor together.  We shared our healing gifts with each other.  We loved each other.


At Harbin Hot Springs, I healed my nervous system so deeply, I became a beacon to many of a free, loving, and confident energy in myself.  At Harbin, as an Intuitive and creative-liver and lover, I was not weird.  I was welcome.  At Harbin, I could finally relax and go inward.  At Harbin, I was greeted by approximately 50 hugs a day from friends who would authentically meet my gaze, and see through any BS I dared toss into the space.


Oh Yes.  At Harbin, this sacred land, I found myself, renewed myself, and was made ready to re-enter the world to take on my more public mission.


Yesterday, tragically, Harbin burned to the ground in the Valley Fire.


Harbin Hot Springs Burned



And today, I am again impressed, inspired, and humbled by the courage, faith, and devotion of the Harbin community.  I’m relieved to report that everyone was able to evacuate the bowl-like valley of Harbin before it was incinerated.


Know what’s freakin’ impressive?  It’s how the Harbin residents, who barely escaped with the clothes on their backs… who just lost not only their homes but their jobs/livelihood, and their community center…  They are already seeing this life-changing event as an opportunity to let go, to accept, and to start over.


Here are some of the things these brave folk are saying on Facebook…


iona-houseThis is my land my home stood on. Don’t tell my kids yet if you see them I am on my way back to them. Bless my friend who got this shot for me. Bless you all. The people who gave us a huge tent and 3 sleeping bags and three blow up mattresses. At least we have some shitty lawn furniture and a dresser lol. No not funny but we will rise up. Life always goes on. Many thanks to all of you sending prayers and wishes our way. We are so grateful for all of you in our lives.” – Iona Heart


“Now that my house has burned to the ground, nothing can block my view of the moon.

The boys and dogs and I are safe. I have two changes of clothes and my camper left.

Great blessings and homage to Mother Earth and all creation.” – Linda Ganga


“Harbin was one of northern California’s best kept secrets until the mid ’80s and there was no money so the going was quite slow on fixing Her up to a respectable standard. Harbin is more trashed than ever after the fire, and lots of things are “gone”, but now, there is some money and thousands and thousands of people from all over the world Love Harbin! I predict that the Love She now begs for and deserves will come quickly and easily! Aho! This is one of the altars I had in my Harbin home, the ashes of which I will be tearfully sifting through soon…” – Peter Ganesha Das


“With the old structures burnt we get to start fresh and re-envision how our hearts connection can manifest, how Heart-conscious people live and build and stewart the land and feed themselves and take care of each other and the precious land and springs that has been a healing oasis for so many. The fires are still burning in lake county and I will let my own internal fire burn to make space for what is fresh and real and listen deeply to what is calling me so loudly.” – Richard Bock (my beloved was-band)


Can you imagine facing devastating fire loss with such awareness, acceptance, and optimism as these folks?  Yet this is what it takes to move forward and to keep living “outside the box.”  They are showing us the way.  They are Walking the Talk of enlightened living  I have so much respect for these friends, and the many more who are holding the vision for the future, even as they grieve the loss of what is now past.


I am committed to playing my part in spreading this consciousness.


Join me tomorrow live online if you want to talk about how we can live outside the box, like these creative bohemian lovers of life.  We will send energy and healing towards this event and community, while we re-build hope and freedom in our own hearts.



Tomorrow, I am going to broadcast a live video event on the topic of the “Creative Bohemian Lifestyle of Freedom.”    This was planned as of last week, but it’s really really relevant now in light of these recent events.


Register here to tune in tomorrow.


You see, the Bohemian Lifestyle of Freedom is not about traveling from festival to festival, avoiding real life.  It’s really about shaping our real life, with the resources at hand, according to our true authentic wishes.  It’s about creating the life of your dreams with whatever you got!  And that’s what I see my beloved community friends of Harbin doing right now.  They are making lemonade out of an enormous Lemon experience.  That, I think, is THE most important aspect of living Freedom.


I am so inspired by these people.  I am inspired to point to what’s important, so we don’t miss this moment, and this opportunity to learn how to live Freedom for reals.


You are invited to join me tomorrow for a clearing, a healing, and a revealing of what’s truly important to know in order to create your own life anew, creatively, according to your own joyful desires.  Let’s talk about how to turn lemons into the best dang lemonade (and margaritas) we can, even in the face of tragic loss.  Because it’s not about perfection or fantasy.  It’s about creativity, and the brave devotion to choosing acceptance and co-creative positivity.