Either you are a hormonal entrepreneur, or you know one.  You might even live with one (Goddess help you).

And by hormonal, I mean a woman.  Because honestly, we ladies are always are on the hormonal cycle thing till we’re totally grown up (post-menopause).

Hey, it’s part of the magical mysterious package that includes ovaries.

0130So let’s work with it.

See, this New Moon in Leo is a great time to re-start your passionate engines, to come to acceptance with the fire inside, and to decide to be allies with the cycles, and not enemies.

On a larger scale, it’s actually a benefit these days to cycle with hormonal fun.

Three Reasons Why Hormonal Women Entrepreneurs Do Biz Better…

1. Constant Change is the Way of the Modern Marketplace! 

When you go along with the hormonal cycles of your woman-body, you are always changing.  You are aware of new circumstances.  You can (literally) flow with it.  This works well in a marketplace that is anything but staid and stable!

2. Emotional Connection is the Only Thing that Really Matters

And when you are cycling with woman hormones, you got emotions a’plenty.  And you learn to track them and feel them and cope with them – or you go freakin’ insane!  This sets you up to connect with your people with compassion, with emotional investment which is attractive, and with a real understanding of their longings and moods.

3. Truth-telling Kicks Ass

In a world of blah-blah canned marketing messaging, it’s pretty dang refreshing to have a hot-blooded full bodied woman blasting real live truth at you.  And there are days when we hormonal mamas simply can’t be boring, pedantic, or canned.  We are fiery, fresh, and occasionally wildly inappropriate.  And frankly, that is more real, more attractive, and more effective than the blah-blah!

Sisters, celebrate your natural competitive advantage!  Live it up!  Go with it!  Your time has finally come!


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