Many conscious business go-getters are starting this new year with a dark cloud covering our rose-colored glasses. We call the cloud “Trump” but we also know he is simply the representative of a movement afoot in our world. Regardless, we long to know that we can continue our soul-driven purposeful businesses in full success, without being dragged down.

So here are my top 3 tips on how to Trump-Proof your Conscious Business in 2017 so you can leverage even a dark cloud into more purpose, passion, and prosperity.

1. Truthify Everything – Trump, and the cultural movement he represents, are making people even MORE cynical, suspicious, and disbelieving.  People won’t fall for slick marketing language, NLP-ified videos, and pushy sales crap as much anymore.  This is great news for you as long as you Truthify everything.  Tell your people the damn truth. Yes.  Even when marketing.  Doing otherwise may take you down in a blaze of suspicion-driven poo blizzard in 2017.

2. Rage to Passion – It’s natural to feel anger, frustration and rage when you witness T-rex’s administration destroying what you thought were the good parts of government.  But if your rage stays negative (pissy, moaning, and woe-driven), it will bring your radiant vibe down, as well as your biz.  But Dude, Rage is good stuff – when it is consciously directed and harvested. The tantric trick is to breathe into that rage and put it towards your passionate resolve to fulfill your purpose, to change the world, to grow your biz.  Get fired up.  Instead of feeling trapped by your rage, imagine the rage setting you free to express without reservation.  Move that energy.  Dance that rage.  When you move your rage through the body, things get sexy and passionate.  Now that’s some positive use of Rage.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  And a tribe of passionate, turned-on, moving dancing freely expressed people moving justified rage – mmmm – that’s the energy this whole time-of-change thing is here to raise.  Let’s help it come up and out!

3.  Be Your Own Daddy – I left this one for last, cause lots of conscious people – honestly we don’t want to hear it.  Trump represents a certain face of the Daddy archetype in our culture.  And this role is getting shaken BIG time right now.  So it’s time to strengthen the one in your own center.  The father/daddy archetype is the part of you that takes care of real life, that provides to pay the bills, that sets the boundaries that keep you safe.  And, well…


Repeat after me…

Who’s your Daddy?  You’re your daddy.

Who’s your Daddy?  You’re your daddy.

Who’s your Daddy?  Um, yah.

So, it really is time to get your bookkeeping straightened out. It really is time to make sure you can cover your rent easily. It really is time to make sure your passport is updated. But not just to go to festivals on your last dollar. It’s time to focus on your biz with realistic goals. It’s time to be your own daddy.

Obviously, this is an important time to get grounded and empowered to leverage all of this for a great 2017.


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